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Student Dress and Appearance Requirements

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Date Issued:     01/19/70

Issued By:       T. Culbert

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To provide the faculty and staff of the University with the policy concerning requirements for student dress and appearance.


Members of the faculty or University staff shall not require students to adhere to any particular form of dress or appearance as a condition of admission to or membership in any class or University-sponsored activity unless the requirement has academic or other Justifiable relevance to the particular course of study or activity, or is made to insure the student's safety.

When a faculty or staff member finds it necessary to establish requirement regarding the personal dress and appearance of his students, these requirements shall be deemed academically acceptable, subJect to the following conditions, lest questions of academic freedom be broached.

Requirements May Not Violate Civil Law

A faculty or staff member may not set requirements of personal dress and appearance which violate civil law.

Requirements May Not Violate Civil Law

Within reason, requirements regarding personal dress and appearance in a classroom shall be published in advance of the first meeting of the class or activity but not later than the first meeting. Such requirements, along with attendance policies, should be on file with the department chairman or director.

Requirements Affect Classtime Only

When requirements of dress or other items of personal appearance are made, they shall be such that they affect the student only during the particular class or activity in question and do not carry over outside class time. Where such requirements are made, there shall be time allowed within the period of the class or activity for the student, both to dress according to the requirements and later to assume the appearance of his choice.

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