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Visitation in Student Housing Units, Freshman Visitation Policy and Upperclass Visitation Policy

WITHDRAWN as of October 31, 2012

Procedure No.:   25.001

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Date Issued:     08/01/86

Issued By:       J. S. Rudy

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Visitation is the opportunity for members of both sexes to visit in students' rooms. Specifically, the policy allows one sex to visit members of the opposite sex during specified hours in residence halls. In addition to students' rooms, this policy covers all public areas of the residence hall including hallways.

Visitation does not permit cohabitation--to physically reside with the opposite sex--in residence halls. Cohabitation is a violation of University policy. Persons-not complying with the policy will be subject to referral for disciplinary action.


Freshman hall visitation is to be pre-set for the Fall Quarter (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight Sunday through Thursday and 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday). EXPANSION OF VISITATION HOURS MAY OCCUR ONLY DURING WINTER AND SPRING QUARTERS. For the Winter Quarter students are permitted the opportunity to expand visitation to 24 hours on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY nights (the weekday hours remain as stipulated for Fall Quarter). Expansion to 24 hours through the week (entire 7 day week) will be afforded freshman students for the Spring Quarter only.

The voting for any expansion must take place during the eighth week of the quarter preceding the quarter in which the change will take place. Expansion of visitation for either the Winter or Spring Quarter will require the casting of a positive vote by secret ballot of two-thirds of the residents assigned to the building at the time of the vote (the record of building residents will be furnished by the Housing Office). The administration of the vote will be the responsibility of the Residence Life staff in the hall in coopera- ation with the hall government in that particular building. Contraction of visitation hours can take place anytime during the quarter and will be conducted under the same voting guidelines (i.e., secret ballot, 2/3 vote of the residents assigned to the building at the time of the vote).

In Upperclass halls visitation is permitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (This does not permit cohabitation.)


Twenty-four hour lounge and specified public area visitation will be implemented thirty (30) days after the formal opening of housing during the Fall Quarter. Lounge and specified public area visitation will be announced by the Residence Life staff and will not require a vote of the building residents.


The Residence Life staff in conjunction with the Housing Office will make every effort to accommodate those residents who disagree with expansion in accordance with established room and residence hall change procedures.

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