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24.004:  Baker University Center Food and Beverage Service

Withdrawn as of October 19, 2007

(Consolidated into Policy 47.015)


Approved on March 27, 2003Signatures and dates
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when approved 

Initiated by:

Randall Shelton
Director of Housing and Food Services

Reviewed by:

Herman ("Butch") Hill, Chair
Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Gary B. North
Vice President for Administration

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp

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To establish controls in regard to the production and consumption of foodstuffs in Baker Center.


Food and beverage consumed in or about Baker Center must be, with the single exception noted below, purchased from Baker Center Food Services. For the following reasons, it is most necessary that the above policy be followed:

I.  Quality Control

Baker Center is noted for the quality of its food products. There is a real responsibility to uphold this image. Foods purchased elsewhere and brought into the center may not support this image. Further, Baker Center has a responsibility to the people who make use of the Center to protect them from foods and beverages which may have been prepared under conditions which are not to the appropriate standards of health and sanitation.

II.  Facilities Charges

Baker Center does not charge organizations or individuals for public spaces, offices, and non-income producing facilities which comprise 65% of the total area within the Center. The cost of maintaining these areas and the supporting services is borne only in-small part by funds appropriated by the general institution. In large part the costs noted are defrayed through income generated by food services. Any reduction of this income could make the concept of free public spaces and meeting rooms impossible to support.


I.  Exceptions

The only exception made to the above policy will be made on appeal to the Director of Housing and Food Services on the following grounds:

  1. That the food to be purchased or produced elsewhere is necessary to support an approved religious program; or

  2. That the food to be purchased or produced elsewhere is for a program in which exotic foods are necessary for exhibition or tasting; or

  3. That the food to be purchased or produced elsewhere is not available in Baker Center.

In no case will an exception be granted if a real danger exists in regard to health, sanitation, or good business practices. In no case will an exception be granted if previous exceptions have resulted in abuse of the letter or spirit of this policy.

II.  Food Service Areas and Facilities

  1. Only in rare circumstances, with the permission of the Director, will public food service areas and facilities be committed for private use (i.e. use which prevents or restricts the free access on the part of the public). Permission will be granted only if adequate alternate facilities exist.

  2. Food service areas must be scheduled through the Catering Office in Room 208 Baker Center.

  3. At the time services are planned through the Catering Office, a preliminary estimate of the number of persons to attend must be given. Revisions of the number of persons to attend may be made (and are encouraged) up to seventy-two (72) hours in advance of services. The figure given by the deadline noted above will be called the "guarantee figure." Once the "guarantee" is set, it cannot be lowered. If the "guarantee" is increased within the 72-hour period, there will be a twenty five percent (25%) surcharge added to the cost of the additional meals. Normally food services will be prepared to serve last minute arrivals, but no more than five percent (5%) above the "guarantee." In any case, billing will be made from the "guarantee" or from the actual number, whichever is greater.

  4. The Center staff is always anxious to assist all users of Center facilities and services. In special circumstances where the above policies and procedures may constitute a hardship, exceptions may be granted by the Director of Housing and Food Services.

III.  Alcoholic Beverages

The only alcoholic beverages which may be brought into or consumed within the Center are those which are sold under the permits issued to the Center. Persons who bring alcoholic beverages into the Center will be requested to take them and leave. If they fail to leave, the beverages will be confiscated and Ohio University Police Department will be called if necessary.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Policy and Procedure Review Committee

  2. Director of Baker University Center


There are no forms that are specific to this policy.

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