WITHDRAWN Ohio University Policy and Procedure

Health Services for Workshop, Conference, Institute, and Other Similar Type Programs

WITHDRAWN as of July 31, 2003

(consolidated into Policy 21.001)

Procedure No.:   21.003

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Date Issued:     08/13/84

Issued By:       Carol Harter

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To encourage good personal health, promote the public health of the academic community, and provide the basis for medical care.


All participants in workshops, conferences, institutes, etc. held on the Ohio University Athens Campus are eligible for Medical Services at the Hudson Health Center. Included in the University Workshop Fee is a charge for each participant for services provided at the Hudson Health Center. The charge is based on the length of the workshop and includes pharmacy services at the Center. Any exception to the charge policy must be requested, reviewed, and approved through the Director of Workshops, Conferences, and Institutes.


  1. The Director of Workshops, Conferences, Institutes (WCI) shall:

a. Advise all WCI directors of the heath services available to their participants.

b. Assess WCI participants the appropriate fee(s). (Note: Participants receiving academic credit pay regular student fees and are therefore eligible for health services without paying additional fee.)

c. Orient WCI directors regarding the health services available at the Hudson Health Center, emergency transportation services, and emergency room services at O'Bleness Memorial Hospital.

d. Provide the Director of Medical Services with a list (updated as indicated) of the workshops, conferences, and institutes that are to be held on the Athens Campus, including names of the WCI programs and their directors, the dates of the activities, and the approximate number of participants. (The updated lists should be submitted at least one week before the WCI program begins.) P> e. Implement a program whereby all participants in all WCI programs are provided with a badge, card, or other form of identification which will be used to identify the bearer/wearer as a WCI participant eligible for health services at the time they are sought at the Hudson Health Center.

f. Provide the appropriate information that will enable the R.A. system to report the amount of monies generated through WCI health services. (The Controller's Office should be contacted for proper accounting procedures.)

  • The Assistant Director of Housing shall:
  • ensure that residence hall staff members are oriented regarding health services available at the Hudson Health Center, emergency transportation services, and emergency room services at the O'Bleness Memorial Hospital.

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  • Those involved with WCI programs should be aware of the following:
  • (a) Comprehensive medical services are available at the Hudson Health Center weekdays from 8:00 a.m. 11:45 a.m. and from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. (Emergencies may be seen during the noon hour.) Services include physician and/or nursing care, laboratory and x-ray services, pharmacy services, etc. Psychological and dental consulting services are also available.

    (b) At all times when the Hudson Health Center is closed, emergency medical services are available (on a fee-for service basis) in the Emergency Room of O Bleness Memorial Hospital. The workshop fee does not cover treatment received at any facility other than Hudson Health Center.

    (c) Ambulance transportation is available with charge, from SEOMS (Southeast Ohio Emergency Medical Services) at 1-800-282-7777.

    (d) Those involved with and/or responsible for WCI participants are reminded that some participants health problems involve public health concerns. Therefore, participants who are ill and/or injured should be assisted in obtaining the health services noted above rather than the responsibility for care being assumed by Residence Hall or WCI staff.

    Accurate records for each participant reporting health problems, requesting health services, and/or reporting health problems but declining treatment to Residence Hall or WCI staff should be maintained by staff responsible for those programs. These records should include: name, age, local and home address, date and a description of program affiliation, complaints and/or symptoms reported. The residence hall staff/WCI program staff will provide appropriate information according to the circumstances involved in a timely manner to the Housing Office and the Workshops Office.

  • Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of the Medical Director (594-5521).

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