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Academic Policy and Procedure

19.050:  Submission of Proposals for Support of Research or Other Activities to Governmental Agencies, Business or Industrial Concerns, or Other Organizations

Status: Approved on February 1, 1995 Signatures and dates
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Effective: when approved  
Issued by: T.L. Chesnut  
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  1. Purpose

    To provide the policy and procedure for the processing of proposals for support of research or other sponsored activity.

    Background Information

    The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) has the responsibility for assisting faculty in identification of sources of support for research and other activities, assistance with preparation of proposals, and, in cooperation with the Grants Accounting Office, administrative oversight on all grants, contracts, and other support agreements, excluding student financial aid awards.

  2. Policy

    All proposals for external support of research or other programs, exclusive of student financial aid, must be approved by the ORSP and the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies prior to submission to the prospective sponsor.

  3. Procedure

    The ORSP reviews the proposal for format, quality of preparation, and content. The budget is reviewed to insure that essential costs are not overlooked, salaries are properly computed and projected, fringe benefits and appropriate indirect costs are included, cost sharing is reasonable and realizable, and that it conforms to the requirements of the University and prospective sponsor.

    All proposals for external support of research or other activities must be signed by the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies or, in his absence, by the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, the Provost, or another member of the Provost's staff.

    A completed "Transmittal Form for Proposal Review and Approval" (available from the ORSP) signed by the project director, department or school head, and dean must be provided with the signature copy of the proposal before the ORSP will recommend the proposal to the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies for institutional approval.

    The Vice President will not sign proposals which are not processed in accordance with this policy.

    The ORSP is located in Room 105 RTEC. The phone number is 593-2857.

Administrative Policy Manual

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