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Appointment and Evaluation of Department Chairmen and Directors of Schools

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Procedure No.:   18.020

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Date Issued:     04/21/86

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When a vacancy exists, the college dean will be responsible for initiating action through the department to secure a new chairman or director. The dean and the faculty shall jointly establish selection criteria and review the qualifications of all candidates. Department chairmen and directors of schools shall be selected by the dean with the advice and approval of the regular full-time faculty of the department or school, or, if the department wishes, an elected committee thereof. Initial appointments of chairmen and directors require the approval of the Provost.

Chairmen's and director's appointments will be continued on a year- to-year basis. At the time of initial appointment, it may be agreed by the dean and the department or school faculty that the appointment will not exceed a given number of years. Before re-appointment, it is the dean's responsibility to review the effectiveness of a chairman or director by consultation with the full-time members of the department. The appointment may be terminated by the chairman or director, by the dean after consultation with the faculty, or by written request to the dean of two-thirds of the full-time faculty of the department or school.

No member of the faculty shall serve as a department chairman or director following the year in which he attains the age for retirement from administrative duties.

When it is known that a chairman or director is to be away from the university for more than a few days, or whenever a temporary vacancy exists, arrangements are made by the dean for the appointment of an acting chairman or director.

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