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A policy regarding University membership in community/civic organizations.

WITHDRAWN as of April 23, 2004

(consolidated into 03.020)

Procedure No.:   03.021

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Date Issued:     05/08/97

Issued By:       W. L. Kennard

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To establish a policy regarding university membership in community/civic organizations.


The President is the primary representative of the university in all respects, and arrangements about membership in community/civic organizations are made between the President and the Board of Trustees. It is desirable for at least some senior administrators also to be involved in such organizations as part of their responsibility to represent the university.

Senior administrators with significant responsibilities to represent the university in the community include the provost, the vice presidents, and the academic deans. Although the involvement of department chairs and school directors in community organizations is commendable, this involvement is not considered part of their job. Similarly, it is recognized that some vice presidents (e.g., for development, external affairs, and regional higher education) may have particularly extensive responsibilities in this area.

To contain costs and ensure fairness, Ohio University will cover the costs of membership in one local community/civic organization each year for the provost, each vice president, and each academic dean. The individual should pay the organization directly and then forward to the Provost's Office a copy of the billing, documentation of payment, and a written statement from the individual stating the benefit that the university will derive from the individual's membership. Only when the provost's approval is received in writing may the individual obtain reimbursement from Foundation discretionary funds. Special requests for reimbursement for membership in state community/civic organizations or for reimbursement for more than one membership in local organizations should be sent to the provost. The provost will follow these same procedures in requesting approval of his/her membership(s) by the President.

Note: This policy does not apply to political organizations and the costs of membership in such organizations will not be covered by the university.

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