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Guest Housing

WITHDRAWN as of December 31, 2002

(consolidated into 03.007)

Procedure No.:   03.008

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Date Issued:     08/21/78

Issued By:       B. Moore

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To establish a policy and procedure for the use of the Guest Housing Facility.


The Guest Facility is generally open year around to provide overnight accommodations for members of the University community. Housing is available to visiting faculty and administrative staff, parents of students, alumni, visiting athletic teams and out-of-town guests of residence hall students. Housing is also provided for workshops, conferences and high school groups sponsored by individuals or departments within the University.


Individual and group reservations are made on a first-come-first- served basis through the Housing Office Monday - Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If a particular individual or department feels that special consideration should be given certain guest(s), the matter of priority in assignment will be determined through consultation with the sponsoring group. Final determination of housing priority will be made by the Housing Office. The sponsoring individual or department will be responsible for confirming the number of spaces needed one week prior to the arrival date of the guest(s). Failure to use the reserved space could result in addi- tional billing charges for costs incurred in preparing rooms. The sponsoring individual or department will be held responsible for lost keys, damage or theft to University property.


Guest rates are determined by the Housing Office and are subject to change depending upon economic conditions. Information regarding current rates and special billing arrangements can be obtained from the Housing Office.


The Guest Facility normally maintains 24-hour a day building coverage on weekends and limited building coverage during weekdays. Rooms are prepared with bed linens, towels, blanket and soap.

Guest Conduct

Guests are governed by the rules and regulations of Ohio University and all local, state and federal laws. Ohio University assumes no liability for damage or theft to the property of the guests.

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