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Student Organization Facility Usage

WITHDRAWN as of April 30, 2003

(consolidated into 01.025)

Procedure No.:   01.026

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Date Issued:     07/01/94

Issued By:       Gary North

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All Facilities operated by Ohio University (General Fund and Auxiliary) are the property of the State of Ohio. They are administered under policies established by the Board of Trustees or its designee and are managed by colleges, departments and programs to which they are assigned. It is the goal of this policy to establish a framework for the convenient and economical use of University facilities by student organizations.


University facilities supported by general funds will be made available for open events scheduled by registered student groups for the cost of setup, cleanup, required service charges and refundable damage deposits, where appropriate.


A Facilities Use Committee appointed by the Provost at the beginning of each academic year and chaired by the Vice President for Administration will conduct an annual review of space use concerns. Its membership shall be: Director of Auxiliary Services, Director of Food Service, Director of Physical Plant, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Assistant Dean of the College of Health and Human Services for Wellness and Recreation, Assistant Dean of Students for Student Life, Director of Public Occasions, Student Activities Commissioner, President of University Program Council, President of International Student Union, President of Black Students Cultural Programming Board, President of the Greek Community Council, and the Chair of The Residents Action Coalition.

The committee shall meet each spring, or as needed in response to a request from a facilities operator, student user, or member of the committee. In the Spring quarter of each year, facilities policies, rental rates, and service charges, as defined by operators, will be reviewed.

General Guidelines for Usage:

  1. General Fund Facilities

    May be used by registered student organizations for programs and activities for the cost of setup, cleanup, damages incurred during the course of the event, and any special fees required to present the activity and restore the facility to its original condition.

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    There shall be no rent charged for any facilities used internally and exclusively by student organizations for programs and events which serve the members of University community and are presented on a "not-for- individual or commercial gain" basis.

  2. Auxiliary facilities

    (facilities which are self-supporting and charge rent, a user fee, or admission fees) Are to be used as a first priority for the purpose for which they were developed. In residence halls, residence hall students have priority on scheduling meeting and food service space for their programs and activities. Nonresident student groups will be charged setup/clean-up costs for auxiliary space usage. A deposit may be charged to cover damages or losses incurred during a performance, event, or activity. Units which require purchase of a ticket or a usage fee, such as Memorial Auditorium, Bird Arena, the Aquatic Center, and the golf course, may hold blocks of time or seats for student groups to use the facility at no charge, providing other members of the campus community may also continue to use the facility for its intended purpose. If a facility is reserved for the exclusive and private use by members of a registered student group, the group will be responsible for setup, cleanup and service charges for using the facility. The facilities usage rates for student, faculty/staff, and outside groups should be established and printed each spring.

  3. External Programs:

    External programs, events, and activities include any activity presented by organizations which do not have a direct relationship with Ohio University (not a part of). This includes, but is not limited to, political groups, religious groups, civic groups, charitable groups, and programs scheduled through The Office of Workshops Conferences and Institutes. Such groups may rent facilities, as available, directly or through cosponsorship. The committee shall work to assure fair and consistent treatment to all who seek to use University facilities. This policy works in parallel to University procedure number 01.025.

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    A. External groups may be approved for the rental of University space if facilities are available.

    B. External groups shall be charged a rental fee established by the unit manager in addition to the standard charges for setup, clean up,special service and damages, when reserved directly or when cosponsorship is involved.

    C. Internal groups have priority for reserving University facilities

  4. Food Service:

    Baker Center operates for the convenience and service of educational and programmatic activities provided by Ohio University. All catering activities conducted in any of the designated dining rooms in Baker Center (Maggie Davis, 124,123, Elizabeth Baker, and State Room) shall be provided by University Food Service. Students may, however, desire food for meetings and activities held in designated Baker Center meeting rooms or other campus facilities. Students and student groups will be provided a carry-out service in Baker Center by University Food Service (e.g. drinks, cookies, snacks) for the payment of the food charge. Student food service rates will be established by the Director of Auxiliary Service in consultation with Food Service staff. The student organization is responsible for the return of equipment and clean-up of the room used for the activity or meeting. In the event damages occur (such as spills or stains) or if equipment is not returned, the organization shall be responsible for cleaning or replacement costs. This provision is extended to student groups only. All other organizations shall use University Food Service to provide service for programs, events and activities at established rates.

All questions pertaining to reservations, use of facilities and/or expenses charged for events and activities shall first be directed to the person responsible for the provision of service. If the issue cannot be resolved at that level, the question and/or

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problem shall be referred to the senior administrative officer or designee of the unit for review and resolution.

This policy shall be reviewed by the Facilities Use Committee, the Provost, and the Vice President for Administration, and recommended to the President. Proposed changes to the policy may be recommended to the Facilities Use Committee by faculty, staff, and students. The Facilities Use Committee shall review the request, determine if such changes shall be made, and make a recommendation to the President.

An annual meeting of the Facilities Use Committee shall be called by the Vice President for Administration in the Spring quarter of each year to review facilities use, problems and issues, and to determine if current rent and fee levels are appropriate for the forthcoming year. All changes in the facilities use policy shall be finalized no later than June 1 of each operating year.


General Fund:

Building whose construction, maintenance, renovation, and equipment replacement are covered by state funds.

Auxiliary Fund:

Building whose construction, maintenance, renovation, and equipment replacement are covered under locally collected and administered funds.

Internal Groups:

Groups whose source of legitimacy for existence (faculty, registered student groups, staff) fall under the University organizational structure.

External Groups:

Any group or organization not falling under the University organizational structure and accountability

Food Service:

The University organization responsible for providing regular dining and catering for faculty, staff, and student groups.

Damage Charges:

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wear resulting form extensive use/abuse by an internal or external group authorized to use the facility.

Operating Expense:

The cost of special setup, clean-up, or service required to present a program or activity scheduled by a faculty, staff, student, or external group.


Sponsorship of an external group or event by an internal faculty, staff and/or student organization.


A rate charged for use of a facility by a group.

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