Ohio University Police Department Staff



Chief of Police: Andrew D. Powers
Planning and Logistics

Police Officers

Chief Andrew D. Powers

Capt. Brian Kapple
Capt. George Harlow

Lt. Hoskinson*
Lt. Newvahner*
Lt. Ryan*

Det. Austin^
Ofc. Barber*
Ofc. Carsey^
Det. Cottrill
Ofc. Frith*^
Ofc. Gillogly*
Ofc. Hahn*
Ofc. Harlow
Ofc. King*
Ofc. Lorenz
Ofc. Meade
Ofc. Meek
Ofc. C. Russell
Det. Sargent*^
Ofc. Schoonover^
Ofc. Stabler
Ofc. Swearingen
Ofc. Touchet
Ofc. Valentine*^
Ofc. Weinmann
Ofc. Woodyard - K9 Officer - "Alex"

Ofc. Combs^(Reserve)
Ofc. Comer^(Reserve)
Ofc. R. Russell (Reserve)

*Denotes Field Training Officers
^Denotes bike officers

­ Communications Officers

Joseph Robinson
*Denotes LEADS Terminal Agency Coordinator

­ Staff

Angie Brickles­- Administrative Manager
Tammy Hawk - Records Management Specialist