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Morgan Vis

I am a professor in Environmental & Plant Biology , Ohio University. Current research areas being pursued by people in my lab include:
  • Biogeography, systematics and population genetics of freshwater red algae
  • Biomonitoring of acid mine drainage streams using periphyton
  • CO2 remediation using thermophilic cyanobacteria

My current personal research includes:

  • Systematics and intraspecies variation in Australian Batrachospermum species
  • Biogeography and systematics of Batrachospermum taxa from South America

For more information on publications, teaching duties, etc. please see my Professional Page

My current CV is available as a PDF.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate research (MS or PhD) in my laboratory, please contact me directly via email to discuss potential research topics and visit the departmental page for information on admission.

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