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Robert G. Verb

Bob received his PhD Biological Sciences in August 2001. His dissertation research was entitled
"Comparison of algal diversity
among polluted, restored and non-polluted streams in Southeastern Ohio."

Presently, Bob is an Assistant Professor at Ohio Northern University.

Selected Papers:

  • Verb, RG, Casamatta, DA & ML Vis. 2001. Effects of different vegetative substrates on algal composition in vernal mesocosms. Hydrobiologia 445: 111-120.
  • Verb, R.G. & Vis, M.L. 2001. An examination of macroalgal communities from an acid mine drainage impacted watershed. Aquatic Botany 71: 93-107.
  • Verb, RG & ML Vis. 2000. Comparison of benthic diatom communities from streams draining abandon mines, reclaimed mines and non-impacted sites. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 19: 274-288.
  • Verb, RG, Vis, ML, Ott, DW & Wallace, RL. 1999. New records of Vaucheria species (Xanthophyceae) with associated Proales werneckii (Rotifera) from North America. Cryptogamie Algologie. 20:67-73.

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