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Dale Casamatta

Dale received his PhD Biological Sciences in August 2002. His dissertation research was entitled
A study of the phylogeography, ecology and intra-population genetic variation of Phormidium retzii (Cyanobacteria).

After graduation, Dale has a NSF postdoctoral fellowship working with Dr. Jeff Johansen at John Carroll University.

Selected Papers:

  • Casamatta, DA, Verb, RG, Beaver, JR & Vis, ML. 2002. An investigation of some of the cryptobiotic (algal/cyanobacterial and protozoan) sandstone cliff communities from Southeast Ohio. International Journal of Plant Sciences 163: 837-845.
  • Casamatta, DA, Fleischman, DJ, Beaver, JR & Verb, RG. 2001. Taxonomic characterization of the planktonic and metaphytic algal communities in a newly rehabilitated Ohio wetland. Castanea 66: 227-236.
  • Casamatta, DA & Wickstrom, CE. 2000. Sensitivity of two disjunct bacterioplankton communities to exudates from the cyanobacterium, Microcystis aeruginosa Kuetzing. Microbial Ecology 40: 64-74.

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