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Sean Fenstemaker

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B.S. Applied Plant Ecology, 2013
Certficate: Bioinformatics, 2013

OHIO University, Athens, OH

Sean is currently a research assistant in the Wyatt lab. He joined the Wyatt research team in the summer of 2012-2013 and began working on Next Gen sequencing of the gps3 genome and identification of the gene defective in gps3. Sean began his research career with Dr. Harvey E. Ballard Jr. in the fall of 2011-2012 at Ohio University. There, his research consisted of PCR, DNA extraction and gel electrophoresis to test the hybrid origin of Viola pectinata E.P Bicknell. Prior to that, Sean was a Rotary Youth Exchange student in 2009 and spent a Year in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. His time in Brazil entailed greenhouse technician work and native Brazilian tree seed collection and propagation at UNISO (Universidade de Sorocaba).

Scholarships and Honors

Choose Ohio First for Bioinformatics Scholarships, 2010-2013.

Professional Affiliations

International Society for Computational Biology

Botanical Society of America


Sean Fenstemaker, Harvey E. Ballard Jr. “Testing Hybrid Origin For the Enigmatic Atlantic Coast Violet, Viola pectinata E.P. Bicknell” Botany 2012(Columbus, OH: July 2012)

Sean Fenstemaker, Zachary Abrams, Mason Armbruster, Emily Burns, Shannon Clay, Ethan Cottril, Krystine Garcia, Marilyn Hayden, Travis Johnson, Kaysi Lyall, David Paris, William Presley Jr., Olivia Thompson, Daniel Williams, Timothy Williams, Sarah E. Wyatt “Mining and Annotation of Gene List: A Comparative Study” Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (Ann Arbor, MI: May 2012)


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