We use of molecular, genetic and genomic tools to study plant growth and development.

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Research Foci
Gravitropic Signal Transduction Plant Evolution and Development


Left to right: (back row) Sarah Wyatt, Sean Fenstemaker, Avery Tucker, Sean Clay, Kaiyu Shen, Marilyn Hayden
(front row) Sarah Acomb, Megan Moore, Megan Osika

Current Lab Members
Graduate Students Undergraduate
Research Assistants

Professional Staff

Kaiyu Shen Sarah Acomb

Vijay Nadella, Director
OU Genomics Facility

  Sean Clay Marilyn Hayden Lab manager

Megan Moore

Sean Fenstemaker, Research assistant

Megan Osika

Lindsey Scott, lab assistant
Avery Tucker  

Former Lab Members (Where are they now?)

Positions Available
Graduate Assistantships Undergraduate Research Positions

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