The Showalter Lab

Current Graduate Students/Post-Docs:
Wuda Wang
Xiao Liu

Yan Liang
Debarti Basu
Dr. Yizhu Zhang
Dr. Melanie Schori

Current Undergraduate Students:
Hannah Fritts

Celeste Taylor

Shawna Callaghan

Past Graduate Students and Post-docs:
Brian Keppler (M.S. 2010)
Yizhu Zhang (Ph.D. 2008)
Harjinder Sardar (Ph.D. 2007)
Yang Jie (Ph.D. 2006)
Sarah Bashore (Ph.D. 2006)
Wenxian Sun (Ph.D. 2003)
Ming Chen (Ph.D. 2003)
Li-Wen Wang (Ph.D. 2002)
Ming-geng Gao (Ph.D. 1999)
Ayyappan Nair (Ph.D. 1997)
Shu-Xia Li (Ph.D. 1996)
Grattan Welch (M.S. 1996)
Li-Wen Wang (M.S. 1995)
Zhixiong Yuan (M.S. 1994)
Tsai Tzong-Lin (M.S. 1992)
Jin Zhou (Ph.D. 1991)
Dr. Dominique Rumeau
Dr. Adrian Butt
Dr. John Crosby
Dr. Jinsong Sheng
Dr. Jim Thomas
Dr. Hua Lu

Visiting Scholars:
Ines Chaves (Portugal)
Wenliang Xu (China)
Wei Tang (China)

Research Focus Area
Plant Cell Wall Biotechnology

Photos of the Showalter lab people and the lab:

Bottom row (left to right): Yizhu Zhang, Allan Showalter, Ming Chen, and Yang Jie; Top row (left to right): Wenxian Sun, Brijesh (Babu) Karakkat, and Harjinder Sardar. Photo taken in November 2003.

Left to right: Wei Zeng (a graduate student in Dr. Ahmed Faik's lab), Matthew Williams (an undergraduate in Dr. Ahmed Faik's lab), Yan Liang, and Allan Showalter in California for a June 2008 Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis Meeting.

Left to right: Ahmed Faik and Allan Showalter in Copenhagen, Denmark for an August 2007 International Plant Cell Wall Meeting.

Left to right: Harjinder Sardar and Yang Jie in California for an August 2005 Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis Meeting.

Left to right: Harjinder Sardar, Ahmed Faik and Vijay Nadella at a February 2005 reception for Ken Keegstra (in background).

Left to right: Yizhu Zhang and Yang Jie at a February 2005 reception for Ken Keegstra.

Left to right: Allan Showalter and Marcia Kieliszewski in Sorrento, Italy for an August 2004 International Plant Cell Wall Meeting.

Left to right: Yang Jie and Wenxian Sun working hard in Dr. Showalter's lab.

Harjinder Sardar using our gel imaging system.

Our HPLC system used to purify AGPs and to monitor AGP glycosylation.

This is one place where we grow our Arabidopsis plants used for AGP research.

A fluorescence microscope and dissecting microscope used for our research.

Wenxian Sun doing some computer work in the graduate student office space in Dr. Showalter's lab.


The equipment below is readily available in the Ohio University Genomics Facility located adjacent to Dr. Showalter's lab.

Genetic Analyzer

DNA analyzer

The Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer with 16 capillary through-put, providing automated DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, microsatellite analysis, AFLP, SNP screening and validation.


Microarray chip reader

microarray chip

Design your own set of probes and get them printed, even on a single array, for no extra cost. Agilent uses 60-mer probes, increasing the sensitivity of your reaction 8-fold when compared to 25-mer technology. This system also allows dual color or single color array experiments giving researchers greater flexibility in their experimental design.

Quantatative PCR

q pcr

The Stratagene Mx3000P QPCR machine offers four channels with with customizable filters for multiplexing. The Mxpro QPCR software is powerful and flexible, providing numerous options for complete data analysis.

Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer


The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for quick analysis of DNA, RNA and protein. The microfluidic station can be used to address various questions including, but not limited to, verification of RNA integrity in small samples, PCR product analysis, gene expression analysis, GMO detection, forensic testing and clinical research, for example genotyping of H.pylori.


Software and Training

The facility has dedicated computer workstations with data analysis software, including Vector NTI and Genespring. Special Bioinformatic needs can also be addressed, in conjunction with Ohio University Computer Science Department, using customized programs. The personnel at the Genomics facility will provide training to undergraduate, graduate students and assist researchers with their experimental design.


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