PBIO 4500/5500: Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to basic molecular biological concepts and techniques used in the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering. Current experimentation and progress in these fields as well as ethical considerations of this research will be discussed.


Lectures (PowerPoint Slides/Other Documents)
Chapter 1 The Development of Molecular Technologies
Chapter 2 Fundamental Technologies
Chapter 3 Production of Recombinant Proteins
Chapter 4 Molecular Diagnostics
Chapter 5 Protein Therapeutics
Chapter 6 Nucleic Acids as Therapeutic Agents
Chapter 7 Vaccines
Chapter 8 Recombinant Microorganisms
Chapter 10 Genetic Engineering of Plants: Methodology
Chapter 11 Transgenic Plants
Chapter 12 Transgenic Animals
Chapter 13 Molecular Biotechnology and Society
Chapter 13 Ethics/Bioethics Documents
Chapter 13 Bioethics Case Study 3 Candidate Ranking Sheet

Previous Lectures from 2016-17 (PowerPoint Slides)
Introduction, Central Dogma, Prokaryotic gene organization
Eukaryotic gene organization, RE, vectors
Genomic and cDNA libraries, library screening
Other molecular techniques: blotting, sequencing, PCR
Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics
Foreign Gene Expression and Protein Production
Molecular Diagnostics
Protein Therapeutics
Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Microbial Genetic Engineering
Bioremediation and Biomass Utilization
Microbial Insecticides
Plant Genetic Engineering: Methodology & Applications
Animal Genetic Engineering: Methodology & Applications
Regulation, Patents & Ethics of Biotechnology

Additional Readings and Useful Web Sites
Protein Targeting Notes
Molecular Machines That Control Genes (Optional Reading)
Link to GM database web page (click below):
Additional Animal Genetic Engineering Information
Animal Biotech
Plant Genetic Engineering: Methodology
Plant Genetic Engineering: Applications
Genetically Engineered Crops 2016
Patent Glossary (meaning of non-obvious, see page 4)
LaunchPad for Molecular Cell Biology 8th Edition-Instructor Resource

Study Guides/Practice Exams
Exam I Study Guide
Exam I Practice Questions
Exam II Practice Questions/Classroom Activity
Exam II Study Guide
Exam III (Final Exam) Study Guide

Old Study Guides
Exam I Study Guide

Exam II Study Guide
Final Exam Study Guide

Homework Questions

Chapter 1 Questions
Chapter 2 Questions
Chapter 3 Questions
Chapter 4 Questions
Chapter 5 Questions
Chapter 6 Questions
Chapter 7 Questions
Chapter 8 Questions
Chapter 9 Questions
Chapter 10 Questions
Chapter 11 Questions
Chapter 12 Questions
Chapter 13 Questions

Homework Answers (links are activated after the assignment deadline)
Chapter 1 Homework
Chapter 2A Homework
Chapter 2B Homework
Chapter 3 Homework
Chapter 4 Homework
Chapter 5 Homework
Chapter 6 Homework
Chapter 7 Homework
Chapter 8 Homework
Chapter 9 Homework
Chapter 10 Homework
Chapter 11 Homework
Chapter 12 Homework
Chapter 13 Homework

Student Presentations (links become active after topics chosen)
Student Presentations 2017 (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)
Student Presentation Abstracts 2017
Student Presentation Hints (i.e., past evaluations)
Sample Abstracts

Student PowerPoint Presentations (links added after the presentation)
Nov. 30
1. Haley
2. Sean
4. Zhewei
5. Evan
6. Sierra
7. Yemi

Dec. 5
8. Brittany
9. Yuan
10. Sarah
11. Jingwen
12. Zach R.
13. Harley
14. Abigail

Dec. 7
15. Jialin
16. Zach Q.
17. Zach S.
18. Sam
19. Andrea
20. Zhenhao - PowerPoint not provided
21. Ethan