PBIO 427/527: Molecular Genetics

The purpose of this course is twofold: 1) to acquaint the student with essential concepts and techniques used in modern molecular biology/molecular genetics and 2) to introduce and discuss current research being performed in eukaryotic molecular genetics.

Syllabus and Class Presentation Schedule (2011)

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Molecular Machines That Control Genes (Assigned Reading-Week 1)

Chapter 5-Microbial Biotechnology

4/8/11 Oil Clean Up by Bacteria-paper

Oil Clean Up by Bacteria-abstract

Oil Clean Up by Bacteria-PowerPoint

Chapter 6-Plant Biotechnology

4/15/11 Insect antifreeze protein expressed in tobacco-paper

Insect antifreeze protein expressed in tobacco-abstract

Insect antifreeze protein expressed in tobacco-PowerPoint

Chapter 7/8-Animal Biotechnology

4/22/11 Enviropig-paper



4/29/11 Lysozyme Transgenic Salmon

Lysozyme Transgenic Salmon-abstract

Lysozyme Transgenic Salmon-PowerPoint

Chapter 9-Genomics

5/6/11 E. coli Genome Evolution and Adaptation

E. coli Genome Evolution and Adaptation-abstract

E. coli Genome Evolution and Adaptation-PowerPoint

Chapter 10-Medical Biotechnology

5/13/11 RNAi for Huntington's disease

RNAi for Huntington's disease-abstract

RNAi for Huntington's disease-PowerPoint

Chapter 11-DNA Profiling & Forensics

DNA profiling-web information

5/20/11 Post-Mortem Blood for DNA profiling

Post-Mortem Blood for DNA profiling-abstract

Post-Mortem Blood for DNA profiling-PowerPoint

5/20/11 DNA typing of skeletal remains

DNA typing of skeletal remains-abstract

DNA typing of skeletal remains-PowerPoint

Chapter 12-Regulation, Patents and Society

Patent Glossary

5/29/09 Human embryonic stem cells

Human embryonic stem cells abstract

5/29/09 Cloned animals as food

Cloned animals abstract

6/5/09 Genome Ethics

Genome ethics abstract

6/5/09 Toxins in transgenic crop byproducts

Toxins in transgenic crop byproducts abstract

Final Exam Review Sheet

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