Statistical Methods in

Plant Biology

PBIO 3150/5150, Spr 2013

Brian C. McCarthy
Dept Env and Plant Biology
416 Porter Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH  45701  USA



Syllabus Spring 2013 (PDF)

Getting started with R (PDF)

Lecture: Introduction, types of data, distributions (PDF)

Lecture: Graphing data,
measures of central tendency & dispersion, EDA (PDF)

Lecture: Estimation & probability (PDF)

Lecture: LaTeX (PDF)

Lecture: Hypothesis testing, proportion data, chi-square analysis (PDF)

Lecture: Analyzing proportions: The Binomial Distribution (PDF)

Lecture: Contingency Analysis & Frequency Data (PDF)

Lecture: Probability Models & Frequency Data (PDF)

Exam #1

Lecture: t-Distribution and Associated Tests (PDF)

Lecture: Error and Power (PDF)

Lecture: Nonparametric two-sample tests (PDF)

Lecture: Analysis of variance I, general linear model (PDF)

Lecture: Analysis of variance II, orthogonal contrasts (PDF)

Exam #2

Block designs, random vs. fixed effects (PDF)

Factorial, nested, and combinatorial designs  (PDF)

Lecture: Regression & Correlation (PDF)

Lecture: Computer Intensive Methods (PDF)

Exam #1:  Fall-2011(ODT)  Fall-2011(DOC)

Exam #2:  Fall-2011 (ODT) (RTF)

Exam #3:  Final Exam, Fall-2011 (ODT) (RTF)

Other materials:

PBIO-3150/5150 R-Tutorials and Assignments

    R-Tutorial #2 Data Sets

    R-Tutorial #6 Data Set

D'Agostino et al. (1990)

References & Additional Reading

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