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The Ridges Framework Plan


Throughout the Framework Plan process, Ohio University has been committed to inclusivity and engagement when planning for The Ridges.  This has included establishing in the Fall of 2013 a Master Plan Committee, who provided overall guidance to sub-committees and to the consultant team, while reviewing processes and recommendations along the way.  Specifically, this committee was established to address the limitations of past Ridges plans that no longer adequately supported the University's strategic goals.   Subcommittees for The Ridges included those focused on Academic Uses, Land Use & Development, and Existing Building Strategies.  Additionally, a Ridges Advisory Committee was established with members representing Ohio University, the City of Athens, and community members, who provided feedback and recommendations on the Ridges Framework Plan to the Master Plan Committee. 

In December 2013, Ohio University held the first meeting with Advisory Committee to share the structure of the planning process and provide guidance.  The following May, the University hired consultants SCA and MKSK to provide assistance to Master Plan Committee in developing recommendations for The Ridges property and its buildings.  Throughout the 18-month planning process, The Ridges Master Plan Committee provided multiple opportunities for interaction and feedback through regularly held meetings with Advisory Committee, including several open house presentations and workshops with the campus and local communities, the various Ridges subcommittees, and regular updates with the University's Board of Trustees.

For more information on the collaborative processes that helped guide the planning effort, please explore Section 2 of The Ridges Framework Plan.

Contact Information
Shawna Bolin, Co-Chair Ridges Master Plan Committee
Tel: 740.597.2973

Joe Shields, Co-Chair Ridges Master Plan Committee
Tel: 740.593.0371