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Campus Greens

Campus Greens Planning


The Comprehensive Master Plan characterizes defining elements of each green as it exists today, identifies key issues, outlines strategies for the future, and envisions key projects.  Additionally, UP periodically reassesses individual campus green district plans as key assumptions and projects evolve.  While each green is distinctive, it is essential that they remain interconnected with a system of pedestrian, bicycle, and transit connections that supports the overall campus layout of quads, courts, walks, and streets.

UP assists the growth of the greens through planning of renewal, refinement, and enhancement projects that strengthens their shared and unique components.  Those shared components that best define the greens include a strong physical identity, a mix of active uses, and organization of facilities around a defined open space.  Where a green may be lacking in a component area, UP assists development that re-envisions the green, strengthens its framework, while achieving the overall goal of creating a more cohesive and connected campus.

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