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Enterprise GIS

Enterprise GIS


University GIS is not just mapping. At a higher level, GIS should be a data analysis and decision making tool for the University.  With GIS, we can evaluate a variety of data to graphically assess economic forcasts, space management, infrastructure conditions, energy use, procurement, and more.  GIS can also allow the University to rationalize predictions and forecasts, create more realistic budgets, and have the data to justify the University's decisions.

University Planning is currently developing an Enterprise GIS system that will be a single, authoritative data source for the University.   Utilimately, it will be integrated throughout University so that a large number of users with different skills can manage, share, or use data to address a variety of needs including modification, visualization, analysis, and dissemination.  Through the use of web-based portals, users will be able to create their own maps, allowing GIS staff to focus their time maintaining the integrity of the data quality as well as mining the data for information.  Depending on the type of user accessing the web-based portals, different layers of information will be available for viewing and printing based on need, sensitivity of information, and security.