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Courses/Academic Divisions

Besides a great selection of full degree programs, OUL offers a broad array of classes at the Lancaster Campus and its Pickerington Center. Academic subject areas are organized into three divisions at OUL and OUP. To learn more about a particular subject area, please click on its corresponding link where provided below. The online course inventory can also be used to learn courses recently offered in any subject area recently at OUL. Each division has a division coordinator who can be contacted for additional information.


(P) = Courses offered at Pickerington


Arts, Communications, & Humanities

Science & Technology

Social Sciences & Applied Studies

AH Art History (P)
AAS African American Studies (P)
ART Art (P)
CHIN Chinese
CLAS/CLWR Classics and World Religions (P)
COED Coaching Education
COMS Communications (P)
CSD Communication Sciences and Disorders (P)
DSI Deaf Studies Interpreting (P)
ENG English (P)
HIST History (P)
HUM Humanities (P)
IART Interdisciplinary Art (P)
JOUR Journalism (P)
LING Linguistics (P)
MUS Music
PED Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy (P)
REC Recreation
SASM Sports Administration
SPAN Spanish (P)
SPST Specialized Studies (P)
THAR Theatre
UC University College (P)
WGS Women Gender Studies (P)


Academic Coordinator:
Candice Thomas-Maddox
742-654-6711 x 657
BIOL Biology
BIOS Biological Sciences (P)
C S Computer Science (P)
CHEM Chemistry
CTCH Computer Science Technology (P)
E M Electronic Media
EH Environmental Health (P)
ET Engineering Technology
ETM Engineering Technology and Management
GEOL Geology (P)
HLTH Health (P)
HST Human Services Technology
HTCH Health Technology
IMT Industrial Maintenance Technology
MAT Medical Assisting Technology
MATH Math (P)
MDIA Media
NRSE Nursing
NUTR Nutrition (P)
OTEC Office Technology (P)
PSC Physical Science
PBIO Plant Biology
PHYS Physics
VICO Visual Communications



Academic Coordinator:
Franco Guerriero
740-654-6711 x 203
ANTH Anthropology (P)
ATCH Accounting Technology (P)
Business Related
BMT Business Management Technology
SAM Applied Management
CFS Child and Family Studies
CONS Human and Consumer Sciences (P)
EDEC Early Childhood Education
EDMC Middle Childhood Education
Education Related
GEOG Geography (P)
LET Law Enforcement Tech (P)
POLS Political Science (P)
PRCM Professional Communications (P)
PSY Psychology (P)
S W Social Work/Criminal Justice (P)
SOC Sociology (P)
TAS Technical and Applied Studies (P)






Academic Coordinator:
Janet Becker
740-654-6711 x 637