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The PhyloCode
Section 2. Establishment
Article 7. General Requirements
7.1. Establishment of a name can only occur after the publication date of Phylonyms: a Companion to the PhyloCode, the starting date for this code.
7.2. In order to be established, a name of a taxon must: (a) be published as provided for by Art. 4; (b) be adopted by the author(s), not merely proposed for the sake of argument or on the condition that the group concerned will be accepted in the future; (c) apply to a clade that either appears on the reference phylogeny or is delimited by the cited synapomorphy(-ies) (see Art. 9.6); (d) comply with the provisions of Arts. 7 and 911; (e) be registered as provided for in Art. 8, and the registration number be cited in the protologue; and (f) comply with the provisions of Art. 17.
Note 7.2.1. The protologue is everything associated with a name when it was first established (this code), validly published (ICBN, ICNB), or made available (ICZN), for example, description or diagnosis, phylogenetic definition, registration number, designation of type, illustrations, references, synonymy, geographical data, specimen citations, and discussion.
7.3. When a publication contains a statement to the effect that names or nomenclatural acts in it are not to be considered for nomenclatural purposes, names that it may contain are considered as not established.