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Performing Arts and Concert Series

Wild Honeybees Mardi Gras Dance Party 2019 (stage door series)

Mar 2, 2019 at 7:30 PM
Memorial Auditorium Stage

On Saturday, March 2nd, The Wild Honeybees will turn the Ohio University Memorial Auditorium stage into an amazing party space and dance floor.  Shake off those winter blues with a Mardi Gras party the likes of which you won’t find anywhere outside of New Orleans! There will also be a special guest appearance by The Largemouth Brass Band that is not to be missed.  Room décor done by Patty Mitchell and Honey for the Heart.

From Wild Honeybees bandleader Mark Burhans:

“One of the things I love about the street music of New Orleans is the sense of community: everyone, young and old, babies and grandparents alike, gets out in the street and participates.  The concept of the Second Line Parade – all the people who gather and march and dance alongside the band – is something that came out of that spirit that is uniquely New Orleans, but also speaks to something that is universal: when the feeling is right, everybody wants to get involved, whether it's just by stomping your foot or dancing like a fool.  When you do that, you're no longer just an audience member.  You become part of the show, and part of a kind of transcendent experience that we all crave. The Honeybees try to create that kind of energy every time we play, and we certainly hope to do that on Saturday night”.

Saturday, March 2, 2019, 7:30 PM (doors open at 7 PM)
Memorial Auditorium Stage

$5.00 student
$7.00 general

The Wild Honeybees:

Voted Best Band in Athens three years running by the Athens News Readers Poll, The Honeybees are a loose, free-wheeling, New Orleans style ensemble with a tight horn section. Fronted by the talented and charismatic vocalist, Emily Singer, the band is the brainchild of trombonist Mark Burhans: “We've been described as a nine-piece powerhouse of dancing madness.  We play a wide variety of dance music, from R&B, to Blues, to Reggae, to Funk, but we started out as a New Orleans style band, and everything we do – even our originals - remain thoroughly rooted in that style of music”.

The Largemouth Brass Band:

The Largemouth Brass Band has been unleashing high-energy brassy funk on the world since forming in Athens, Ohio the fall of 2017. The intensity of the band’s energy is fueled by their desire to share the healing and inspirational power of music with others. Largemouth pulls from genres across the board, from New Orleans style party music to 8-bit video game sound tracks. They maintain a fairly busy schedule playing in Ohio and teaching school clinics."



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