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As you plan to attend Ohio University, it’s time to begin thinking about your life in a new community. Whether you are living in a residence hall or commuting from home, once at Ohio University’s Athens campus, you will be a citizen of both the University and Athens communities, and you will be expected to live up to the responsibilities associated with both.

Student Expectations

The Ohio University Student Handbook is fully integrated with the Ohio University website to provide you with access to important information about what is expected of you as a student. Included in the handbook is more detailed information about the topics covered here, along with links to information resources, online services, and university policies.

Student Code of Conduct

As a student at Ohio University, you will be expected to be a responsible member of the Ohio University and Athens communities. The Ohio University Student Code of Conduct sets forth community expectations for Ohio University students and student organizations for behaviors that occur both on and off-campus. You are responsible for becoming familiar with the expectations, policies, and procedures contained in the Student Code of Conduct.

The Values of OHIO

Ohio University community members take great pride in our institution. We are proud of our distinguished history and heritage, our beautiful campus, the renowned reputation of our faculty, our active and committed student body and of our partnerships with the southeast region of our state. Together with our five core values of community, citizenship, civility, character, and commitment, this sense of pride defines who we are and helps to clarify the promise of what it means to be a member of the OHIO community.

Membership in the Ohio University community includes being involved and responsible members of not only the university community, but also the global community. Faculty, staff and students are expected to be responsible members of a diverse community and to represent the values of the OHIO community at all times.

Members of the OHIO community contribute to the advancement of society, both now and for future generations. Such a commitment to the public sphere can have many expressions, such as conserving resources, recycling, using public transportation and cleaning up litter.
The OHIO citizen gives more than they take. They are responsible citizens both on and off-campus, foster community involvement, become engaged citizens acting for the public good, and respect university property and property of others.

The OHIO community is an open forum involving the free exchange of ideas and scholarly discourse. For free and open exchange to occur, members of the OHIO community are expected to embrace civility in communication at all times.

"Ohio University holds as its central purpose the intellectual and personal development of its students" is the first sentence of OHIO's mission statement. Personal integrity and character both inside and outside of the classroom are inherent elements of Ohio University. Members of the OHIO community are expected to commit to the highest standards of personal honesty and ethical behavior.

Sincere and true commitment is practicing your beliefs and values. Once you have committed yourself to becoming a community member at OHIO, you commit to hold yourself and your fellow OHIO community members to these values.

Academic Expectations

It is also time to begin thinking about success at Ohio University. The faculty is prepared to support you in your learning, but what will they expect of you and what can you expect of them?

   You can expect to be challenged intellectually and should be open to alternative views expressed in the classroom by faculty and fellow students.

   Know that plagiarism or any other form of academic dishonesty (cheating) will not be tolerated.

   It is expected that you will be respectful and nondiscriminatory toward faculty, staff, and your fellow students, and that you will treat all persons within the University and surrounding community with dignity and civility.

   You can expect your instructors to be knowledgeable within the discipline, prepared in the classroom, and accessible outside the classroom.

   You can expect to be evaluated fairly in your courses, based on meritorious work.

   By enrolling in a course, you are making a commitment to attend class meetings on a regular basis and arrive on time, be prepared for class, and complete assignments within the allotted time determined by the course instructor.

   You should not disrupt class by engaging in side conversations with other students or by using electronic devices such as cell phones or pagers.

   You will be expected and encouraged to provide honest and useful feedback through the course evaluation process.

   In order to be successful in your curriculum, you are expected to devote sufficient time outside of the classroom to complete assignments and master course material. Though the amount of time will vary from class to class, a reasonable guideline is three hours per hour of class time.

   You can expect clear communication of instructions for successful completion of each course and specific requirements for the completion of your degree program.

   You will be expected to be a responsible citizen of the campus and community and therefore abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

Academic Honesty

Academic integrity and honesty are basic values of Ohio University and, therefore, you are expected to be honest and forthright in all of your academic endeavors. Academic misconduct implies dishonesty or deception in fulfilling academic requirements and includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, or the furnishing of false information to the university or a university affiliate in academic related matters.

Advisor/Advisee Expectations

Academic advising will be a central element of your educational experience at Ohio University. Advising is a collaborative relationship for which you and your advisor share responsibility, and through which you create sound educational plans consistent with your academic, career, and personal goals. Advisors are responsible for being accessible and responsive, and for providing accurate, timely information. You will be responsible for making and keeping appointments with your advisor, being prepared for advising sessions, and for understanding university and major requirements. You can prepare to work with your faculty advisor by learning the roles that each of you plays in the process.

Required Official Notifications to Students

Various state and federal laws require Ohio University to provide information and notice to students on a variety of topics. In addition, Ohio University occasionally develops statements or policies on important matters. All registered students are provided notice on these matters by e-mail shortly after the deadline for registration each fall (or any successive academic semester in which a student begins enrollment).

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