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Learn about transfer scholarships

Ohio University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students. Our primary scholarship programs for new students are designed for those students beginning in the fall. Continuing students may apply for upperclass scholarships throughout their academic career at OHIO.

Scholarship awards are based on a range of criteria, which can include academic merit, demonstrated financial need, field of study, participation in a specific program or organization, and/or any combination of the above.

Eligibility and Requirements

Merit scholarships are available in limited quantity for transfer students. These awards are competitive and provide from $1,000 to $3,000 toward tuition expenses. Some of these awards are one-time and others are renewable. Awards are available to students who begin their studies in the fall semester.

To be eligible for merit scholarship consideration, please note the following requirements:

  • You must apply, and be admitted by, May 15. We recommend that you apply by April 1.
  • You must have completed a full year of academic study (i.e., 45 quarter or 30 semester hours of work) with a minimum grade point average of 3.5 to be eligible for consideration.
  • Students whose transcripts indicate Phi Theta Kappa membership are eligible to be considered for a designated PTK scholarship.

There is no separate application to complete. Award notification letters are mailed in mid-June.

Outside Agency Scholarships

If you wish to look for outside scholarships, you should check with your high school counselor as well as clubs and organizations with which you or your parents may be associated. There also are several free online scholarship search engines available, such as Fastweb.

If you are receiving a scholarship from an outside agency, the notice can be faxed or mailed to:

Attention: "Outside Agency Scholarships"
Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
Chubb Hall 020
1 Ohio University
Athens OH 45701
Office: 740.593.4141
Fax: 740.593.4140

Scholarship checks can be mailed to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships and should include the student’s full name and Ohio University PID number. If the check is co-payable, please endorse it before it is sent. Awards are divided among two semesters unless directed otherwise by the scholarship provider.

Ohio Transfer Council (OTC) David Gall Scholarship

All transfer students are encouraged to investigate external sources of scholarships, including the Ohio Transfer Council David Gall Memorial Scholarship. Students transferring from an institution participating in the Ohio Transfer Council are eligible to apply.

Upperclass Scholarships

Students will complete an electronic scholarship application each January to be considered for scholarships for the next academic year. To ensure consideration, students should have an accumulative GPA of 3.5, have earned at least 15 credit hours during the fall semester of the application year, and earn at least 30 hours over fall and spring semesters combined.

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