Transfer Fall 2015

Learn about commuter exemptions

Students wishing to be exempted from university housing and/or the meal plan must submit a request and receive approval for that exemption. The type of exemption requested determines whether the request can be submitted online or using the downloadable paper form.

Students intending to reside with parents or legal guardians whose permanent residence (as defined by university guidelines) is within 50 driving miles of the university should complete the online Commuter Application for review and approval.

For all other types of exemptions, listed below, students must download and submit the forms found at the link below and submit them either in person or via U.S. Postal Mail.

  • Students who are enrolled part time during the academic year.
  • Married or single parents residing with their spouse or children within 50 miles of the University.
  • Veterans having 18 or more months of active military service.
  • Students (i.e., continuing, transfer) wanting to reside in a recognized fraternity or sorority house must have resided in the residence hall for one academic year (two semesters) and must be approved by the Campus Involvement Center. Continuing students do not have this exemption option available to them once the academic year begins.
  • Students who are 23 years of age prior to the beginning of the term for which they have applied.
  • Students leaving Ohio University for any reason during the academic year and who return before the summer session of the same academic year are still obligated by the terms of their original housing contract but are not guaranteed the same room upon return.

Note: Continuing undergraduate students with two years in residence at the beginning of the fall term and new transfer students with two years attendance at another institution earned post high school may reside in off-campus housing. The university bears no responsibility for the living conditions or problems arising therein with either the homeowner and/or the student resident.

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