Fall 2015 Transfer Path: Welcome

Transferring to OHIO can be the best decision of your academic career. Your admission to Ohio University is a strong indication of your success in college thus far and of your potential for even more success. It also represents an important invitation for you to join a tradition more than 200 years strong—a tradition that is defined by excellence and opportunity.

Follow these steps to accept our invitation to discover your promise at Ohio University. The steps on the left are presented in the order we think will be most helpful to you, and the information in this section is designed just for transfer students.

Your Path to OHIO calendar on the right side of each page can keep you on track. It is important that you pay close attention to the calendar, milestone dates, and deadlines for each section as you navigate the process of making Ohio University your college home.

We hope that you will transfer to Ohio University this fall, and we look forward to seeing how you will make a difference in the OHIO tradition.

Important Dates
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