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Learn about student health services

Students who are enrolled at Ohio University have access to physical and mental health services at Campus Care and to a complete program of recreation and fitness activities through Campus Recreation. Campus Care is located in Hudson Hall just behind Voigt Hall, off East Union Street near the College Green. Campus Care and Counseling and Psychological Services are available in Hudson Hall. Campus Recreation is located in the Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center on South Green Drive. The Health Promotions office is located in Baker University Center.

Overview of Student Health Services

Campus Care provides student-focused care for acute and chronic illnesses. Walk in appointments are offered as well as scheduled appointments. Campus Care services include: Women's Health Clinic, Allergy Injection and Immunization Clinic, Eating Disorder Clinic, allergy testing, physicals, TB testing, STI testing and treatment, x-ray, lab, and pharmacy services. Campus Care will bill all health insurances for clinic services. You are strongly encouraged to check with your insurance company to determine if Campus Care is an in-network provider. Any co-pay after insurance balances and self-pays for services provided at the clinic are assessed on your My OHIO Student Center. You must click on the "Make a Payment" link to view the charges; the charges will not appear on the main MyOHIO page. At this time, the Campus Care Pharmacy only bills for the University-sponsored insurance plan. The pharmacy will provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Campus Care pharmacy charges are added to your student financial account the same as tuition. If there are any medical services you need that are not provided through Campus Care, the staff will assist you with finding a specialist and provide you referrals, if needed.


WellBeing Plan

In an effort to keep student health care on campus affordable and accessible to all students, the WellBeing Plan was introduced at the start of the fall term 2008. The WellBeing Plan is a waivable student health care option of just $60 per semester that:

  • Eliminates co-pays up to $15 for office visits, lab work, and x-rays with Campus Care
  • Provides 13 free individual sessions per year and unlimited free group mental health services with Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Supports numerous enhancements to student health care on campus (e.g., evening/weekend hours, 24/7 crisis intervention service, and more).
  • Enrollment Options and Services Provided

Health History Form

New students should complete the Health History Form and return it by mail no later than the first day of classes. Send the completed form to:

Ohio University Campus Care
2 Health Center Drive
1 Ohio University
Athens OH 45701

If you have a more complicated medical history, your personal physician can forward additional notes to the same address.

Health Insurance

Major medical insurance coverage is mandatory for all Athens campus students. Domestic students enrolled for five or more credit hours, and international students taking one or more credit hours, will be automatically enrolled in and billed for a policy offered by Ohio University. If you do not wish to purchase the policy offered by Ohio University, you can decline it by providing information that documents comparable coverage. To avoid paying for the policy offered by Ohio University, you must decline the coverage by a specified date. You can decline the offer by visiting the My OHIO Student Center once registration charges have been assessed for the term.

International students cannot waive the major medical insurance offered by the university unless they are being sponsored by their home country. Only the Office of International Student and Faculty Services can grant permission to waive the insurance. The cost of the policy offered by Ohio University is added to your student financial account (along with tuition, room and board, etc.). The rate for the next academic year is typically announced in the spring and is available online. The total premium for the year will be billed in two installments, with 1/2 the total for each semester. Students enrolled for spring are also covered for the summer. If you want to purchase the policy, simply pay the account balance on your student financial account.

Health Promotion

This department provides education on health topics important to college students. The professional staff and peer health educators address the issues of high-risk alcohol use, sexual health and responsibility, healthy eating, stress management, and sexual assault risk reduction as well as other wellness topics. The department also coordinates the online course Alcohol and Sexual Assault Awareness Edu for College, which is required for all new undergraduate students.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) provides confidential counseling for most adjustment and mental health problems that college students experience. Also available are opportunities to participate in groups that focus on special topics such as stress reduction, substance use, sexual assault, body image, relationship skills, and depression. In addition, consultation services are available for students who might be concerned about another student or someone else in their life who seems to be having problems. CPS is staffed by licensed mental health professionals and graduate students under their supervision. Some psychiatric consultations also are available for medication management. Many students use counseling services to continue services they have received at home.

Mental health screening for depression, bi-polar disorder, alcoholism, eating disorders, generalized anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder are available online. For more information or to arrange an appointment, please call 740.593.1616.

Recreation and Fitness

Part of keeping healthy is exercising and having fun with friends. There is no better place to do this on campus than the Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center. The Ping Center is a state-of-the-art recreational center with five basketball courts, eight racquetball courts, a climbing wall, and an indoor track. The facility also features aerobic, fitness, and weight rooms. There is something for everyone, from a pickup game of basketball to a scheduled aerobics class. The Ping Center caters to students with varied schedules, opening at 6:30 a.m. and closing at midnight.

The University’s Aquatic Center has an Olympic-size pool and offers open hours for swimming. Bird Arena, the indoor ice skating facility, offers open hours for skating. Don’t worry if you left your skates at home; you can rent a pair there. The golf and tennis center provides a nine-hole golf course and indoor and outdoor tennis courts, complete with a pro shop and equipment and cart rentals. A lighted driving range is available on West State Street.

The Outdoor Pursuits program boasts a 50-foot climbing tower at its challenge course as well as excursions and equipment rentals. For the competitive-minded, there are 31 club sports and a wide variety of intramurals.

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