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Prepare to join the OHIO community

Joining the Ohio University community means taking full advantage of the resources available and taking responsibility for the choices that will define your college experience.

Our programs, services, and facilities are designed to create a supportive environment that enhances your learning, your personal and social development, and your health and well-being.

Part of a residential college experience means making choices that will help shape and define your character. Because we care about your health, your safety, and your success, and because we are concerned for the welfare of the community, you will be required to complete some online educational programs prior to attending Ohio University.

Pay close attention to each step listed under "Prepare to join OHIO" on the left. The  programs discussed in these steps, including the online alcohol and sexual assault education, will make our concern for you and our expectations for all students clear. Once you join the OHIO community, you will find remarkable faculty, staff, and professional support services to help you meet those expectations.

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