International Path: Welcome

You have potential as a scholar and leader. Your admission to Ohio University is a strong indication of that potential. It also represents an important invitation for you to join a tradition more than 200 years strong—a tradition that is defined by excellence and opportunity.

Follow the steps below to accept our invitation to become your best self at Ohio University. The steps below are presented in the order we think will be most helpful to you, and the information in this section is designed specifically for international students.

Your Path to OHIO calendar on the right side of each page can keep you on track, no matter when you are entering OHIO. It is important that you pay close attention to the calendar, milestone dates, and deadlines for each section as you make your college decision and navigate the process of making Ohio University your college home.

We hope that you will choose Ohio University, and we look forward to seeing how you will make a difference in the OHIO tradition.

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Transfer Credit

Students can receive credit for courses taken at institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education in that country. We do not award credit for courses under either of the following conditions:

  • English language courses taken in non-English speaking countries
  • Courses which have a grade lower than C- or the equivalent or graded on a Pass/Fail basis
You will receive a preliminary transfer credit evaluation for each college or university transcript we receive. This lists the number of credit hours awarded for each transferable course, but does not list how the courses will be applied to your major.

Your college will decide whether a course you have taken is similar to an Ohio University course. Please send or bring certified English translations of your course descriptions to help the college award credit accurately. Transfer credit can be either course credit or elective credit.
  • Course credit: If a previous course is similar to a Ohio University courses, you may receive transfer credit that fulfills the same requirements as that specific course.
  • Elective credit: If Ohio University does not offer a course similar to a course you have taken, you will receive elective credit. This credit will not count toward course requirements, but it will count toward the total number of hours needed for graduation.
Although you may have completed two or more years of coursework at a previous institution, it is likely you will have more than two years of coursework to complete degree requirements. After your transfer credit has been evaluated, ask your academic advisor about any credits you need to complete before graduation.

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