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A learning community (LC) is a group of students who take a set of courses together or share a common experience in their academic studies. For some academic programs at OHIO, LC participation is required. For others, students are given the option to enroll.

International students who do not meet English proficiency requirements may not be able to enroll in a Learning Community their first term.

Learning Communities are typically only offered for students entering in the fall.

As part of a community of approximately 20 students, you will have a built-in support network during your first term at OHIO. Participants in an LC develop a deeper understanding of the courses' subject matter while they build relationships and learn together outside of the classroom.

More than 200 learning community options are available each year, with more than 75 percent of new students participating in them. LCs may be college-based, designed around student interests, or structured to serve a particular group of students.

From your community members, LC leader, and LC instructor, to the faculty who teach your linked courses, you will make connections throughout the university. Each of these unique connections can contribute to an academically rich, fun, and rewarding experience and your ultimate success at OHIO.

Types of Learning Communities for Freshmen:

Specific-population LCs

These learning communities allow students in particular groups to have the learning community experience in common. As examples, Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC, transfer students, and commuter students all have the opportunity to be in a learning community that has the focus of each specific group.

General LCs

For those students who do not wish to participate in a college-based community, have not decided on a specific course of study, or want to interact with people of various disciplines, Ohio University offers general learning communities. These communities are available to students of most, if not all, majors. Enrollment is available during Orientation. General LCs have a theme around which activities and discussions are focused.

College-based LCs

These learning communities are available in all of the undergraduate colleges (with the exception of Honors Tutorial College). College-based LCs meet the course requirements of students while providing a network of knowledge (both personal and professional) for specific fields of study. Students are contacted directly by their specific college about these communities with information on how to apply. All undecided students in University College and the College of Arts and Sciences will be enrolled in a learning community their first semester at Ohio University. The remaining college-based learning communities are extremely popular and many have had waiting lists for enrollment.

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