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Ohio University Culinary Services is proud to be one of the largest self-operated college dining services in the nation. Our goal is to provide students and guests with the finest quality food and services at an exceptional value. We are here when you are hungry!

At OHIO, we serve 3.8 million meals each year to a community with a wide range of needs. From vegetarians and comfort food lovers to students with special dietary requests and more, our team works hard to ensure that all students are provided with the food offerings and service options necessary for them to thrive in their collegiate pursuits.

The Culinary Services website always has the most up-to-date information about your meal plan options. There, you will find information regarding hours of operation, meal plan specifics, daily menu offerings, nutrition, employment opportunities, guest meal prices, contact information for questions, and more.

Important Information about your Dining Plan

Meal Card Access

Your University ID card serves as your meal access card, and it is required for all meals at any dining location. Your ID card may not be used by anyone else (unless they are picking up a sick/injury tray for you). For your protection, we will confiscate any card used by anyone other than its designated holder, and anyone who gives their card to another person is subject to a fine.

Meal Plan Options

Students who are required to live on campus can choose from one of these two types of plans:

  • Traditional plans allow students to choose a specified number of meals per week in our dining hall or Grab n Go's.
  • Flex plans are our most popular plans with nearly 60 percent of all meal plan holders on a Flex Meal Plan. These plans allow students to select a specified number of meals per week that can be used in any dining hall or Grab n Go. Additionally, unused meals may be utilized at any Campus Market to purchase $6.25 worth of items. The Flex plans also include Flex Points, which can be used at Baker University Center dining venues and campus cafes as indicated by the plan.

For students who are not required to live on campus, these plans are available, in addition to those listed above:

  • Block plans provide a specified number of meals that can be used in dining halls and a few other venues, as indicated, over the course of the entire academic term.
  • Destination Dining plans provide students a specified number of Flex Points that can be used in particular campus dining venues over the course of the academic term.
  • Review the meal plan options in detail. 

The Meal Week

The meal plan week begins with Sunday brunch and ends on the following Saturday. Depending on the number of meal plan days available during the first and the last week of each semester, meal plans may be prorated according to the number of days in that shortened meal plan week.

On all Traditional and Flex plans, meal balances are reset each week after Saturday dinner. Note that students using a Flex plan can use their meal values in any dining facility or on-campus markets before the end of the meal week.

Flex plan points not used by the end of each academic year will expire.

Special Dietary Needs or Allergies

If a physician requires you to be on a special diet, please call 740.593.2970. We will work with you to make sure your needs are met. If you have a food allergy, we can tell you which foods contain allergens and offer alternatives. Ohio University Culinary Services is also respectful of religious dietary requirements. Contact dining@ohio.edu to discuss your dining options.

Meal Plan Costs

Meal plan prices vary according to the style of the plan and the number of meals per week.

With the exception of the Flex plans, meal plans are priced according to the same basic principle as insurance; we realize that a certain percentage of meals will not be eaten, just as insurers know that not everyone with insurance will file a claim. If every student ate every meal or was entitled to a refund, the cost of the meal plans would be substantially higher.

Changing Meal Plans

Meal plans are contracts that last the entire academic year. Although you may increase to a larger meal plan at any time, you may not decrease or cancel your meal plan once the school year begins. This is based on volume purchasing agreements that are made with our vendors in order to provide the best value to our students.

You will select a meal plan when you complete your online housing contract. Students may increase or decrease their meal plan until the Wednesday prior to fall opening.

Meal Plan Eligibility and Requirements

Because no single plan could possibly suit each of our students, Ohio University Culinary Services provides many different meal plan options to fit students' budgets, schedules, lifestyles, and eating habits. Students on any of the meal plans may choose to eat in any of the dining halls regardless of where they live.

All students who are required to live on campus in the residence halls must participate in a mandatory meal plan, in accordance with the university's housing requirement. Additionally, any student enrolled at OHIO, even those living off-campus, may purchase a meal plan. You can review the current meal plan options by visiting the Culinary Services website.

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