Freshman Fall 2015

Enable your OHIO online services

Whether you bring a device from home, purchase one from the University, or take advantage of computer labs at OHIO, you will have access to the information and technology you will need to be successful here. 

We recommend taking the following steps to enable your OHIO online services: 

After mid-May

Enable your OHIO Box account:

Install virus protection:

Download your free copy of Microsoft Office.

  • You can install on up to five devices, including smart phones and tablets.

*You must be eligible to register for classes to access these services. If you receive an eligibility error, wait a few days and try again. If the error persists beyond the end of May, contact the OIT Service Desk.


Confirm your Catmail access:

  • Have a friend or family member send an e-mail to your OHIO e-mail address.
  • Log in to Catmail at to confirm that the message arrived.
  • If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can set Catmail up on it, too.

Additional OIT Services

Computer and Software Sales

Ohio University offers educational discounts on computers, accessories, and software through the Baker University Center Bobcat Depot. Bobcat Depot currently carries Apple and Dell computers (Lenovo and HP computers can be ordered). Bobcat Depot also sells educationally discounted software packages from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and other vendors (students must be registered for classes to purchase software). If you drop by in person, either during Bobcat Student Orientation or at other times, you can test drive the various computer models offered, and tech support staff will be available for on-the-spot consultations. Computers purchased through Bobcat Depot are eligible for free, on-site warranty service.

Online Services

CatMail and Box- Use your CatMail account to keep in touch with your professors and to receive important university communications. Use Box to back up important files and access them from any Internet-enabled computer.

Personal Website - Create your own website on the University’s student Web server.

Classroom and Online Academic Services - Ohio University classrooms include varying levels of computer and multimedia technology. Also, many instructors use the Blackboard system to provide online class materials, homework, tests, and discussion groups.

Computer Labs - If you need access to a computer, labs are available in the Baker University Center Technology Depot and the Alden Library Learning Commons. The labs offer Mac and Windows computers, black and white and color printing, and group study/presentation spaces.

Important Dates
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