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For HTML Newcomers

Aronson, Larry, 1994, HTML Manual of Style.
Ziff-Davis Press. ISBN: 1-56276-300-8.

Castro, Elizabeth, HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, 3rd Edition
Peachpit Press. ISBN: 0201696967

Evans, Tim, 1997, Ten Minute Guide to HTML 4.0, 3rd Edition
Que Education & Training. ISBN: 0789714914

Graham, Ian S., 1995, HTML Sourcebook: A Complete Guide to HTML.
John Wiley and Sons. ISBN: 0-471-11849-4.

Lemay, Laura, 1995, Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week.
Sams Publishing. ISBN: 0-672-30667.

Lemay, Laura, 1995, Teach Yourself More Web Publishing with HTML in a Week.
Sams-net Publishing. ISBN: 1-57521-005-3.

Martin, Theresa, and Davis, Glen, 1996, Project Cool Guide to HTML
John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated. ISBN: 0471173711
On-line Reviews

Smith, Bud E. and Bebak, Arthur, 1998, Creating Web Pages for Dummies (3rd Edition)
IDG Books Worldwide. ISBN: 076450357X (Book & CD-ROM)

Taylor, Dave, 1995, Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML.
IDG Books. ISBN: 1-56884-454-9.

For People with Some Knowledge of HTML

Musciano, Chuck, Loukides, Mike, (Editor), and Kennedy, Bill, 1998, HTML: The Definitive Guide 3rd Edition
O'Reilly & Associates. ISBN: 1565922352

Navarro, Ann, and Khan, Tabinda, 1998, Effective Web Design: Master the Essentials
Sybex, Incorporated. ISBN: 0782122787

Weinman, Lynda, Weinman, William, and Weinman, Bill, 1998, Creative HTML Design
New Riders Publishing. ISBN: 1562057049 Book & CD-ROM

For Serious Webmasters

Darnell, Rick, 1998, HTML 4 Unleashed, Professional Reference Edition
Macmillan Computer Publishing. ISBN: 157521380x (Book & CD-ROM)

Farrar, Edward, and Smith, Norman, The HTML Example Book
Wordware Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 1556225660

Wandling, Jeff, 1996, Webmaster Expert Solutions
Macmillan Computer Publishing. ISBN:0789708019 (Book & CD-ROM)

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