President’s Advisory Council for Sustainability Planning

September 20, 2011


Present: Jessica Bilecki, Jill Carlson, Sujit Chemburkar, Ed Newman, Wendy Parker, Geoff Buckley, Steve Scanlan Ben Stuart, Annie Laurie Cadmus and Michele Morrone (via telephone).


Minutes: Annie Laurie Cadmus




          - DECISION: This plan has been approved by the President and is, therefore, a question of           implementation and not plan creation.  Sustainability Plan implementation is the responsibility of           Ecology and Energy Conservation Committee.  PACSP will draft a proposed addendum to this item to           offer to EECC.  Steve Scanlan, Chairperson of EECC, was present at this meeting and agreed that this           decision was acceptable.              

          - DECISION: Any OU representative is able to submit requests for changes if they provide acceptable           supporting documents/information to rationalize the request.  These requests will be reviewed on a           regular basis by EECC (timeframe TBD by EECC).  If approved, all changes must be noted as an addendum           to the Plan so as not to alter the original document.