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We invite you to participate in the variety of training, prevention, and awareness raising programs offered at Ohio University. This page will provide best practices for student groups, programming, and training units on campus who are invested in contributing to a campus culture free of sexual and dating violence.

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Event Planning Checklist

If you are organizing a program on sexual misconduct, please utilize the checklist below.

   For all private or public training, programming, or awareness events, copy the email address titleixevents@ohio.edu on your calendar invitation for the event. Note: This email address is a way for the University to track which events are occurring across our campuses in real-time. The calendar will not be shared with the public, but will be available to University Equity and Civil Rights Compliance (ECRC) for compliance purposes and to assist ECRC in fulfilling its responsibility to coordinate Title IX prevention efforts.

   If the event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, add the event to the University Calendar.

  1. Visit calendar.ohio.edu
  2. Go to "Add event"
  3. Add the details of the event
  4. Select "Categories and Keywords"
  5. In the Keywords text box, type “ending sexual assualt”. You may add additional keywords for your event as well.
  6. Under "Additional Event Information", go to the selection box for Sponsoring Administrative Planning Unit (there are actually two boxes, we are utilizing the second one) and select “Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct”, which is the designated default to capture this type of programming/event.


   If you would like to request an exemption from mandatory reporting for the event, contact the Title IX Coordinator at 740-593-9140 to discuss the event.

   If you would like to be included in the regular stakeholder meetings with people across campus working on programming related to sexual assault prevention, please email titleixevents@ohio.edu and ask to be included on calendar invitations for those meetings. These meeting occur three (3) times per year.

   If you are collecting data regarding programming effectiveness or training effectiveness, please consider sharing any significant data or findings with the stakeholder’s group.

   Please review University Policy 03.004 and ensure that your training or program identifies current university definitions of key concepts such as “consent”.

   Consider providing a list of resources to your attendees.