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Wednesday, April 7, 2004
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A refresher course in Ohio University Summer Sessions for faculty and staff
The basics in what you need to know to help our students make the most of summer

April 12, 2004
By Pam Brown

Key Facts

There is no priority registration for Summer Sessions. Registration begins April 1 and freshmen may register on that day along with seniors. Summer registration runs April 1-May 3 and again May 17 ? the first day of classes.

Continuing Ohio University students register via TRIPS or Web registration. They do not need to complete any forms. Also, no RAC is needed for summer registration.

DARS are not printed for summer registration. However, students may request one from their college student services office.

There is a week of "break" scheduled between the end of spring quarter and the beginning of Summer Sessions. Summer Sessions doesn't begin until June 21, but there are a few classes scheduled during the break week.

Undergraduate visiting and non-degree students may register for Summer Sessions simply by completing the registration Form A found online and in the Summer Sessions Bulletin and Schedule of Classes. No transcripts are required for visiting students. All students, however, must meet any pre-requisites given for any course.

Continuing Ohio University students may register for summer classes at any Ohio University campus.

The maximum course load students may take during the summer is 20 credit hours. The 20 hours may be divided fairly equally between the two sessions or all the hours may be lumped into one session.

Summer Sessions is not more expensive than fall, winter, or spring quarters. Summer Sessions typically is the last quarter of the academic fee schedule before prices are increased for fall quarter. Sometimes, however, students perceive it as being more expensive because they often register for just one or two classes and are then billed per hour, compared to taking a full load during fall, winter, or spring and being billed the comprehensive fee.

While Summer Sessions is divided into two five-week sessions, courses are scheduled in a variety of formats and time frames. Classes are scheduled for one day, weekends, one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight or ten week time frames and are offered in traditional classroom formats, solely online, or a combination of in-person and online meetings.

Students will receive a bill in the mail around May 17 for those who register between April 1 and May 3. The last day to pay the bill to avoid the $100 late charge is June 7.

Athens is a fun, relaxing place to spend the summer. There are dozens of extra curricular activities planned for faculty, staff and students. Watch for the summer calendar of events to be available in June.

Tips to Give Students

Because Summer Sessions enrollment is far less than fall, winter, or spring, classes don't fill as quickly. This makes it easier for students to register for classes that are typically difficult to get into during other quarters. Seniors often take their tier 3 requirement during the summer.

The schedule of classes on the web is updated daily and provides more information than the printed Summer Sessions Bulletin and Schedule of Classes. It is a much better source of information for students trying to plan their summer schedules. The Registar's schedule of classes can be accessed directly from the Summer Sessions Web site at www.ohio.edu/summer.  

While typically Summer Sessions registrants are juniors, seniors and graduate students, underclassmen will benefit from taking summer classes. By completing course requirements during the summer, students will save money by not taking these classes later at a higher tuition rate.

Many classes do fill and occasionally a class is cancelled for low enrollment. Students are advised to register sooner instead of later. If students wait to register on the first day of class, it is possible the class may already be filled or cancelled for low enrollment.

Pam Brown is director of Summer Sessions.

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