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Monday, June 1, 2015
Professional achievements · November 2009

Here is a compilation of achievements by Ohio University faculty, staff and students submitted for publication in Outlook. Click here to submit news of an achievement. 

Beatrice Giannandrea

"Literatura y pintura en el costumbrismo argentino" 

BEATRICE GIANNANDREA, Spanish-Zanesville, published the book "Literatura y pintura en el costumbrismo argentino, siglo XIX." The book features photos and text that explore the world of "Costumbrismo" in the Rio de la Plata region through the eyes of 19th Century European travelers, writers and painters. Read more.

Scott Minar

"The Working Poet" 

SCOTT MINAR, arts and sciences, recently wrote and published a poetry-writing textbook, "The Working Poet," through Autumn House Press in Pittsburgh. According to Minar, this collection of favorite writing exercises from poet-teachers across the country is as fun to use as it was to write. 

Tom Davis

2009 Herman J. Peters Award 

TOM DAVIS, professor and secretary to the Board of Trustees, was awarded the 2009 Herman J. Peters Award from the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA). The award is offered "to one who promotes innovative ideas and theories in the counseling field and has a significant impact on future trends." Davis received the accolade at the OCA awards ceremony Nov. 5 in Columbus.

Daryl Davidson

Writer's Digest 78th Annual Writing Competition 

DARYL DAVIDSON, Center for Writing Excellence, achieved placement in top 100 in the Writer's Digest 78th Annual Writing Competition. The competition attracted 13,557 submissions and Davidson's TV mini-series screenplay, titled "The Blue Devva," was ranked at number 54. Davidson graduated from Ohio University with an A.A. in arts and humanities in 1996 and a BSSin cinema studies in 1997. See a complete list of the category winners. 

Joe Dailey

Large Installation System Administration Conference 

JOE DAILEY, information technology, was named as the second-place winner of the Sysadmin of the Year award at the 2009 Large Installation System Administration (LISA) Conference in Baltimore, Md. The Ohio University Systems and Operations leadership team nominated DAILEY in recognition of his accomplishments over the past year. 

James Casebolt

Casebolt earns Distinguished Service award from APA 

JAMES CASEBOLT, psychology-Eastern, was selected to receive a distinguished service award from the American Psychological Association (APA) Division of Psychology of Religion. The APA is the primary organization for academic, research and practice psychologists in the country. The award "is offered to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the division through service and leadership." Read more.

Jens Lichtenberg

BMC Genomics journal 

JENS LICHTENBERG, JOSHUA WELCH, KYLE KURZ, XIAOYU LIANG, FRANK DREWS, KLAUS ECKER and LONNIE WELCH, Bioinformatics Laboratory, had an article published in a recent issue of BMC Genomics that was awarded the "Highly Accessed" honor. The article, titled "The word landscape of the non-coding segments of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome," was a collaborative effort with researchers from Ohio State University, the University of Idaho and Southern Illinois University, and discussed the regulatory structure of the reference organism Arabidopsis thaliana. 

Mohannad AL-Saghir

Journal of Botany 

MOHANNAD AL-SAGHIR, biological sciences-Zanesville, published an article in The Research Journal of Botany. Titled "Efficient Method of Genomic DNA Extraction from Pistachio Trees," the article showed that a modified protocol could produce a sufficient amount of DNA with high quality as confirmed by the purity index values of the samples. Read more.

Timothy Pollock

Ohio University-Zanesville Cambridge Program 

TIMOTHY POLLOCK, communication, was recently named the new coordinator of Ohio University-Zanesville's Cambridge Program. He replaces longtime coordinator, Bill Barber who was instrumental in establishing partnerships with Guernsey County business and schools to grow the program to serve more than 100 students each quarter. Read more.

Giorgi Shonia

Web 2.0 - The Green Solution: How New Technology is Changing Distance Education 

GIORGI SHONIA, mathematics-Lancaster, presented "The Bicycle That Got Invented Five Times: Cross Platform Portability of Math Problem Banks" at "Web 2.0 - The Green Solution: How New Technology is Changing Distance Education," the Second Annual Distance Education Conference at Youngstown State University on Oct. 16. 

Debra Smith Kay Swartzwelder

Ohio Appalachian Conference for Higher Education 

DEBRA SMITH, health technology, and KAY SWARTZWELDER, Ohio University-Southern, presented "Using Wikis, Blogs and Tweets in the Online Educational Environment" at the Ohio Appalachian Conference for Higher Education at Ohio University-Chillicothe on Oct. 16. 

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