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Monday, June 1, 2015
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Professional Activity Announcements

Compiled by Natalie Smith

Here's a look at recent accomplishments of Ohio University faculty and staff.


Dana Heller Levitt

Dana Heller Levitt

DANA HELLER LEVITT, counselor education, and Richard S. Balkin, assistant professor at Texas A&M University, co-wrote "Religious Diversity from a Jewish Perspective" in Counseling and Values, Vol. 48, in fall 2003.

KENT MULLINER, university libraries, wrote "Implications of Electronic Journal Usage Statistics: Conjecture in the OhioLINK Environment" in Charleston Conference Proceedings.


KENT MULLINER, university libraries, presented "The Faxon Fiasco: Reflections on an Ongoing Learning Experience" to the Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition in Charleston, S.C., in November 2003.

DANA HELLER LEVITT, counselor education, presented "Navigating Through Murky Waters: The Role of Ambiguity in Counselor Training" at the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, in October 2003; LEVITT and SHERRY INMAN STERN, graduate student, also presented "Gender Equity in a Gender Issues Course" at the conference.

Tom Davis

Tom Davis

TOM DAVIS, counselor education, DENISE PICKERING, KERRY SEBERA, LAURAE WARTINGER and JAKE PROTIVNAK, graduate students, presented "Promoting Effective Leadership in the Profession of Counseling ? Sharing the Vision" at the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, in October 2003; PROTIVNAK and Louisa Foss, Kent State University, also presented "Strategies for Success in Your Doctoral Program" at the conference; DAVIS also presented "The Benefit of CACREP Core Curriculum Standards: Conceptualizing and Implementing Beneficial Curriculum" at the conference; PICKERING and TRACY LEINBAUGH, counselor education, also presented "Developmental Stages of Doctoral Students: Implications for Counselor Educators" at the conference; PICKERING and SEBERA also presented "The Transgender Client: Education and Treatment Issues" at the conference.


LENA WRIGHT MYERS, sociology and anthropology, was elected to the executive board of the Society for Applied Sociologists for 2003-05.

MICHELLE B. LIMLE, college student personnel, has been named to the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers (GLACUHO) Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year for the state of Ohio in fall 2003.

ELLIOT ABRAMS, sociology and anthropology, has been elected president of the Ohio Archaeological Council. He will serve for two years as president-elect and then as president for two years. The Ohio Archaeological Council is a private, non-profit corporation registered with the state of Ohio in 1975 as a charitable scientific and educational organization promoting the advancement of archaeology in Ohio.

Natalie Smith is a student writer with University Communications and Marketing.

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