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Monday, June 1, 2015
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Here's a sampling of recent Ohio University mentions in the media:

Monday April 25

Universal Knowledge Solutions CEO Dr. Milad Sebaaly was appointed the Ohio University Regional Manager for its Middle-East Programs. The university has joined with Universal Knowledge Solutions creating the Knowledge Village, which is the Dubai-based Ohio University Lifelong Learning Middle East Office. Sebaaly said: "With this joint venture, we do not only hope to bring Ohio University programs to our regional community giving them the opportunity to pursue their higher studies in a top international university without the hassle of traveling, but also to design and develop training and academic tailor-made programs to meet the needs of the region."

--> See Strategiy.com

Friday, April 22

Wednesday, April 20

President Roderick McDavis spoke with Ervin Dyer from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about his successful career as the first African American president at Ohio University and his plans for his newly established Urban Scholars program. McDavis has used his experiences as a minority student who had once attended the university as the foundation for his plan to increase diversity on campus. McDavis was in Pittsburgh on Tuesday to talk with alumni.

McDavis had set an $80,000 fundraising goal for the program to support 10 scholar recipients; so far Urban Scholars has raised nearly $1 million. "People are excited," McDavis said in the interview. "I just think it's a rich experience to sit in the classroom with someone different from you."

--> See the Pittsburgh Post-Gazatte

Ohio University archaeologists Elliot Abrams and AnnCorinne Freter-Abrams have published their new book, "The Emergence of the Moundbuilders: The Archaeology of Tribal Societies in Southeastern Ohio." The book describes the shift from hunting and gathering societies to more domesticated farming communities within Ohio. The authors ended their study with the hope that "continued efforts will illuminate the array of indigenous societies who first occupied, modified and established a pride of place in what we today call the Hocking River Valley."

--> See the Columbus Dispatch

Tuesday, April 19

Wednesday, April 6

Senate President and alumnus Ken Nnamani was elected Nigeria's senate president yesterday. He received a Bachelor and Masters degree in Business Administration from Ohio University. He is 56.

In his acceptance speech, "he pledged to always protect the independence and dignity of the legislature through due process to ensure the attainment of a cordial executive/legislative rapport".

--> See the Christian Science Monitor

In other news:

Monday, April 4

Creator of Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" David Collins, who graduated from Ohio University in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in film and television, has decided to "stay focused," and not rush out immediately with a new reality television show, he said in an interview.

"What we want to do now," he said, "is work quietly on development."

He plans to finish the show's second season and start 27 more episodes for season three, which will being airing in June; the show remains to be a strong powerhouse for Bravo despite the declining number of viewers.

Collins also takes a supervisory role in the franchising and marketing of the Queer Eye brand in more than 100 counties. He's thinking about testing television pilots in overseas markets while making deals with advertisers to co-sponsor the shows from pilot-stage to take pressure off of the networks, he said.

--> See Broadcasting and Cable 

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