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Monday, June 1, 2015
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African SoccerscapesAfrican Soccer-scapes
With excitement building toward the first African World Cup in June 2010, "African Soccerscapes: How a Continent Changed the World's Game" presents a lively history of the sport's development on the continent.
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After earning rave reviews in both Chicago and Athens, Charles Smith's "Free Man of Color" has earned another impressive write-up, this time courtesy the Chicago Defender. "Charles Smith, is indeed one of the nation's most significant playwrights, who has earned critical acclaim for bringing audiences great works that are provocative for its historical concepts," wrote Defender reviewer Earl Calloway. "This production, under the direction of Dymond, is interesting because of the indomitable will of Templeton, which he held within himself as his mentor endeavored to persuade him and to direct him in a profession he thought was beneficial for him."

"Charles Smith's play was excellent for its articulate conversational style," Calloway wrote. "The three actors also were magnificent for their ability express their emotions in a magnificent manner with exquisite tone and intensity. The conversational suspense was found excellent as Templeton finally made of his own mind as to his decision."

Monday, April 12

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Wednesday, April 7

Ohio University creative writing professor Zakes Mda's new book, "The Madonna of Excelsior," has been praised by reviewer Charles Matthews of the San Jose Mercury News. Calling Mda "a canny writer," Matthews details his book, which "observes the extraordinary social and political transformation of South Africa as it affects the residents of the village of Excelsior."

"Mda, who teaches at Ohio University," Matthews says, "is a subtle and evocative writer who can range from lyricism to satire with surprising effect, and never descends to the formulaic: His whites are not all villains, nor his blacks wholly virtuous. By refusing to sentimentalize, by remaining alert to complexity, Mda does justice to the people in his story, and to the actuality it reflects."

Tuesday, April 6

Monday, April 5

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