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Monday, June 1, 2015
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Here's a sampling of recent Ohio University mentions in the media:

Monday, Feb. 28

Ohio University assistant basketball coach Kevin Kuwik still keeps in touch with team during tour of duty in Iraq. Kuwik listens to most games on the Internet and usually e-mails Coach O'Shea with comments afterward

--> See the Columbus Dispatch

Ohio University assistant professor of art Jim Fike says his job is to put variables in play and make his work in the form of a question. His mixed-media installation 'Loosenville' is on display at the Association for Visual Artists Gallery through April 8.

--> See Chattanooga Times Free Press

Wednesday, Feb. 23

Ohio University is one of the nine state colleges and universities with online undergraduate speech-pathology programs which offer two $1,500 scholarships for students who intend to work in schools.

--> See the Columbus Dispatch

In other news:

Tuesday, Feb. 22

Andrea Gibson in the Office of Research Communications responded to a call from the science editor at the Columbus Dispatch for artistic scientific images. The work of six Ohio University faculty members is featured in the science section of the Dispatch.

--> See the Columbus Dispatch

Monday, Feb. 21

Ohio University alumnus and Plain Dealer photographer John Kuntz received the Photographer of the Year award from the Ohio News Photographers Association. Ohio University student Samantha Reinders was also a first place winner as Student Photographer of the Year.

--> See the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ohio University student Michael King placed second in Student Photographer of the Year based partly on work he did for the Columbus Dispatch.

--> See the Columbus Dispatch

Friday, Feb. 18

Wednesday, Feb. 18

The Wall Street Journal had a one-line quote from Distinguished Professor of Economics Richard Vedder in an article about the trends to watch in higher education. The same article points out that Ohio University's new student union will be five stories tall.

Richard Vedder talked about the price of college tuition and why it's been rising so rapidly on Tuesday's morning edition of NPR.

Omaha World-Herald reported that the Holy Name Catholic Church in Omaha is "selling a special T-shirt if not like hot cakes, at least like hot, fried fish."

By special arrangement with Ohio University, the church men's club is selling forest-green T's with "Ohio Football 2005" on the front, as well as a depiction of the team's bobcat mascot.

Ventura County Star cited a new survey of 1,001 adults conducted by Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University found that most Americans guess wrong when asked to estimate how many troops have died in the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Fewer than half said they "very closely" follow news coverage of the military occupation.

The London Times reported that Ohio University scientists report how a traditional Indian medicinal plant, Salacia oblonga, appears to lower blood sugar and insulin in a similar way to prescription drugs.

Tuesday, Feb. 15

Ohio University journalism professor Marilyn S. Greenwald's book "The Secret of the Hardy Boys" was recently reviewed by Ohio Magazine. The article describes Greenwald's quest to uncover the story behind the writer of the popular mystery series after she read an article in The Washington Post noting the diaries of author Leslie McFarlane. Professor Greenwald was able to track down the diaries, as well as family letters, through the late McFarlane's children. Greenwald discovers an insecure, humble man behind the Franklin W. Dixon pseudonym. Greenwald notes that McFarlane's ending is a happy one, due to the fact that the Hardy Boys legacy lives on and continues to inspire children to read.

--> See Ohio Magazine online

Ohio University associate professor of biological sciences Matthew White and his fellow researchers helped identify a unique strain of walleye in the Ohio River. WOUB assistant news director Fred Kight is the reporter.

--> Listen to the Ohio Public Radio story

Monday, Feb. 14

Ohio University President Roderick McDavis was the featured speaker at this year's 23rd annual Black History Month kick-off banquet sponsored by the Black Interest Group of Lancaster, Ohio.

"I'm just thrilled to be a part of this very, very significant banquet," McDavis said.

McDavis' speech "Striving for Excellence" included Ohio University's overwhelmingly successful Urban Scholars Program's financial goal. The initial goal was to raise $80,000 to allow 10 students from across the country to attend the university, but within only a few months, the program has raised more than $800,000 which would allow 100 potential students to attend Ohio University.

McDavis is also working with the new dean of the Ohio University Lancaster campus Mary Ann Janosik to increase the number of graduate programs available at Ohio University-Lancaster.

--> See the Lancaster Eagle Gazett

In other news:

Wednesday, Feb. 9

"The Best of Ohio" is Ohio Magazine's annual list of top people, places and events. Maya Lin's artwork "Input" was selected as the Best Birthday Present. Designed for Ohio University's bicentennial celebration, Lin and her brother Tan Lin worked together to create the earthwork installation. The artwork was based on their memories of Ohio University and Athens.

--> See Ohio Magazine online

Tuesday, Feb. 8

The Arts Patronage Initiative's production of "Free Man of Color" returns as part of Southwest Missouri State University's Black History Month activities. It's based on the true story of John Newton Templeton, the first black man to attend Ohio University in 1824.

--> See Missouri Weekend

In other news:

Friday, Feb. 4

Ohio University head football coach Frank Solich was hired less than two months ago, but he was able to get 27 Bobcat recruits to sign national letters-of-intent. 12 Ohioans have been signed, three mid-year transfers and 11 out-of-state players.

Solich said he wanted to set up an in-state pipeline to his program. "We know that will be the bloodline for us not only this year but in the overall future of the program," he said.

Last year's Kentucky high school player of the year, Lee Renfro, has signed with the Bobcats. Ohio has also signed quarterbacks Josh Febus, a senior from Dublin Coffman high school, Austen Everson, who will be a junior in the fall, and Brandon Jones from Marietta, Ga.

Febus said, "The coaches have told me that the job is open to everyone, but I'm also a realist. I won't be one of those guys who will be unhappy if I don't play as a freshman. I just want to win and grow with Ohio."

--> See Ohio News Network
--> See Columbus Dispatch

Wednesday, Feb. 2

Tuesday, Feb. 1

Nexstar Broadcasting is a $200 million dream that has come true for Ohio University alumnus Perry Sook. While he majored in communications, Perry soon realized after graduation that his dream was to no longer be a play-by-play announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates but to become a television business entrepreneur.

Sook's core business belief is broadcast stations were undervalued.

Sook teamed up with two investors of ABRY Partners, LLC in Boston and with their financial assistance, Nexstar Broadcasting has now grown to service, own or operate over 40 stations across the nation.

"It takes courage, guts, a supportive wife and luck for it all to come together. You have to be willing to take a lot of risks to make it happen," Sook said. "But broadcasting is the only business I've ever wanted to be in."

--> The full story appeared in Broadcasting and Cable

In other news:

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