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Monday, June 1, 2015
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Friday, Feb. 27

On Monday, Feb. 23, Ohio University Associate Professor of Health Sciences Michele Morrone was a guest on the CNN Financial News talk show "The FlipSide." During the 10-minute segment, Morrone voiced her opinions on whether politicians distort science to further their causes with the American public. Her appearance was sparked by her recent book, "Sound Science, Junk Policy: The Role of the Environmental Health Scientist in Decisionmaking."

Thursday, Feb. 26

Wednesday, Feb. 25

On the heels of Ohio University's Founders Day celebration, the Cleveland Plain Dealer paid tribute to the University in its Cheers & Jeers feature on its editorial page. The entry as it appeared in the paper:

"CHEERS ... to Ohio University, which marked the bicentennial of its charter on Wednesday. Such longevity is a tremendous compliment to the thousands of students, faculty and administrators whose efforts have combined to make OU the vital and vibrant institution it is today."

--> See the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Tuesday, Feb. 24

With "Free Man of Color" enjoying rave reviews in Chicago, one newspaper has taken note of the incredible talents of playwright Charles Smith. "With a playwright like Charles Smith on the faculty, I thought it was a singular opportunity," President Robert Glidden told Julia Keller of the Chicago Tribune. "Frankly, of all the things we're doing [to commemorate the bicentennial], a play will have legs. It will have a more substantive, engaging quality than just a party now and then."

Glidden maintained that the play should retain its brutal institutional honesty. "I can see wanting to protect 'the brand,'" Glidden said. "But for us, the furtherance of the brand is to be true to free expression." He added, "I told Charles I didn't want a pageant. I didn't want '200 years of Ohio University history.' I trust his art."

--> See the Chicago Tribune (FREE registration required)

Monday, Feb. 23

Recapping the recent Founders Day celebration, the Columbus Dispatch put the origins of Ohio University in sharp relief: Elsewhere in the world, Napoleon was emperor, Beethoven was still composing and Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton. So when Betty Hollow set out to write her history of the University, she had her hands full with myriad resources. When not scouring years of meeting minutes, newspaper records and other material, she'd sometimes take a simple walk. "Sometimes, I just kind of wandered up and down the shelves in the archives, hoping that something would jump out at me," Hollow told reporter Jim Phillips.

One current student told Phillips the University had a lot to be happy about. "It definitely should be proud of itself," said junior Haley Weizmann, a journalism major attending the event with her classmates. "It's a beautiful campus, and it's got a great journalism school. So far, I've been pretty pleased."

Thursday, Feb. 19

After a Founders Day for the ages, Ohio University is now 200 years (and one day) old. For more information on this special day, please visit the Ohio University bicentennial Web site's special section. And, as coverage of the event - radio, television, newspaper - arrives, E-Clips will keep readers abreast of the latest. Happy Birthday, Ohio University!

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Wednesday, Feb. 18

Happy Founders Day! In honor of Ohio University's 200th birthday, we invite you to take part in today's Founders Day celebration!

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Tuesday, Feb. 17

For the "Science Wizard" - Ohio University-Southern chemist and lecturer Bob Culp - science shouldn't be a dry, boring field. Donning his costume, Culp has put on science programs before more than 10,000 students in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia over the past four years, reports the Huntington Herald-Dispatch. "Science is not a drudgery," Culp told Herald-Dispatch reporter David E. Malloy. "Science can be fun. If it goes up, blows up or bounces off a wall, the kids love it. We average about one of these programs a week. We have a few of the programs here (at the Ironton campus), but most of them are at local schools."

His goal? "I'd like to see more students take an interest in science," Culp said. "Less than 1 percent of the students on this campus are majoring in some form of science."

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Monday, Feb. 16

Sunday's Cleveland Plain Dealer devoted a large portion of its Metro section to Ohio University, with an eye towards its bicentennial. Featuring Betty Hollow's book, Barb Galbincea's article also included references to two prominent University alumni from the Cleveland area, Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Patricia A. Ackerman. "Going to Ohio University was so tremendously special to me," Ackerman, who was at first told she should attend a predominantly black college, told Galbincea. "While that's now in vogue, at the time what it was saying was, 'I don't think you can compete at another kind of school.' So to me, getting admitted to Ohio University was very, very special."

Said University President Robert Glidden, "We may be old. But we're still kicking."

--> See the Cleveland Plain Dealer

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--> See also the Plain Dealer

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