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Monday, June 1, 2015
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Here's a sampling of recent Ohio University mentions in the media:

Thursday, Jan. 27

Members of the Rotary Club, some of whom are Ohio University alumni, welcomed the visit from Ohio University's President Roderick McDavis during Tuesday's meeting in Newark, Ohio. McDavis talked of his plans to improve the university during his term of presidency; he wants to increase diversity at the university, to develop Ohio University into a prominent research university and to achieve positive athletic recognition.

Ohio University graduate Tony Tanner, who attended the meeting, said McDavis is headed in the right direction.

McDavis also talked about his regional goals; he plans to implement a program for students in kindergarten through 12th grade to teach them how to be productive citizens. He also wants to improve health care within the region with the help of Ohio University's College of Osteopathic Medicine and businesses across the state.

Ohio University Board of Trustees member and Park National Corp. Chairman Dan DeLawder said, "He's been a real breath of fresh air for our school."

--> See The Advocate

Monday, Jan. 24

Story about the first time meeting for the O'Shea brothers as coaches on opposite benches during the Ohio University-St. Michael's College exhibition game, won by Ohio University.

--> See Boston Globe

In other news:


Friday, Jan. 21

Alumnus Marcus Dahn was named chairman of the United People's Party (UPP) in Liberia. He is serving as deputy minister for education in the current government and has been very active in the country's reorganization. UPP Gets New Leaders

--> See AllAfrica.com

According to Assistant Director of Theater Maureen Wagner, two graduate playwriting students Merri Biechler and Mark Witteveen were invited to compete at the American Collegiate Theater Festival, Region III 10-Minute play competition. Beichler's play was well received. Witteveen's play "For and Against" won the competition. Witteveen beat competitors from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin -- the states included in Region III. The play (and the playwright) will advance to the national competition at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in April to compete with 7 top plays from other regions for the national award.

In other news:

Wednesday, Jan. 19

Francine Childs, a professor of African-American studies at Ohio University, used her inspirational meeting with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as her force to pursue a career in teaching. Childs met King during a leadership workshop in Austin, Texas, in 1962 where he lectured to student senate members of Child's alma mater, Paul Quinn College, and several other colleges.

Childs said, "He came and sat on the arm of a sofa I was sitting at, and asked me, 'Young lady, what is your plight in life?'"

Childs began her nonviolent course of action when she joined an NAACP boycott against a Dairy Queen in her hometown for not allowing black people to eat inside the restaurant. In the early 60s, she also took part in a boycott against a 7-Eleven store across from her college because they would not hire black workers.

--> See the Waco Tribune Herald

In other news:

Tuesday, Jan. 11

Physics and Anatomy professor Brian McNamara's research findings on the largest explosion ever measured in space have appeared extensively in media sources around the globe since featured in e-clips last Thursday. Today the research news appears in the New York Times' Observatory Science Column.

--> See New York Times

Monday, Jan. 10

Bachelorette throws heart into ring once more - Ohio University graduate Jennifer Schefft is on the ABC "reality show" The Bachelorette, which begins tonight. This is her second attempt for TV-instigated romance.

--> See Columbus Dispatch

Thursday, Jan. 6

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy and member of the Ohio University?s Astrophysical Institute Brian McNamara led a study on the largest explosion ever measured in space which was published in the Jan. 6 issue of the journal Nature.

The 100-million-year explosion produced a massive black hole that had swallowed about 300 million suns, said McNamara.

"It shows quite dramatically that black holes can affect space on an enormous scale," McNamara said. "It's clear that supermassive black holes play a fundamental role in shaping the universe."

--> See Cleveland Plain Dealer

In other news:

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