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Monday, April 26, 2010
Pedal-powered ice cream   Pedal power 
Kayte Thistlethwaite, an OHIO alumna and community outreach coordinator for Snowville Creamery, chats with students about milk and sustainability while Shawn Ostermann of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science pedals a bike to run the ice cream maker during the first Earth Month event.
Photographer: Michael DiBari.


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Apr 26, 2010
OHIO welcomes moms for sunshine and activities
Spring is in the air and with the arrival of warm weather, Ohio University students welcome moms to campus for Moms Weekend. For one of the most popular family weekends of the year, which begins on Friday, April 30, the university has a variety of activities planned for students and their families. Full Story...
Physicists capture first images of atomic spin [Research News]
Though scientists argue that the emerging technology of spintronics may trump conventional electronics for building the next generation of faster, smaller, more efficient computers and high-tech devices, no one has actually seen the spin?a quantum mechanical property of electrons?in individual atoms until now. In a study published as an Advance Online Publication in the journal Nature Nanotechnology on Sunday, physicists at Ohio University and the University of Hamburg in Germany present the first images of spin in action. Full Story...
Third Frontier leverages the strengths of many for the benefit of all
With the May 4 election fast approaching, Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis took time to explain his position on Issue 1 in an Op-Ed piece. He writes that the issue would authorize the state of Ohio to issue up to $700 million in bonds to renew and continue funding programs for tech-based research and development in support of Ohio industry, commerce and business. Full Story...
OHIO news to undergo a renovation
On Thursday, expect Outlook to look different ? very different. On April 29, University Communications and Marketing (UCM) will unveil Ohio University Compass, a new source for campus news and information. Full Story...
Veganism is popular choice among students
Choosing to eat fewer or no animal products, known as vegetarianism or veganism, is a choice that has only recently been associated with the sustainability movement. Once a week, students get together for an off-campus meal known as Vegan Cooking Workshop (VCW). Full Story...
Apr 25, 2010
President and mayor set expectations for students' spring behavior
With the Athens spring celebrations season beginning this weekend with High Fest, Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis and Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl collaborated on a letter to Ohio University students living off campus. Full Story...
Apr 23, 2010
Word on the Street: Shively Court
In this edition of Ohio University's Word on the Street, Lo Martinez asks students what their favorite thing is about the newly renovated Shively Court! Full Story...
Ohio Extends Groce through 2014-15 [OhioBobcats.com]
Ohio Director of Athletics Jim Schaus announced Thursday that the department and Ohio men's basketball coach John Groce have agreed in principle to a two-year contract extension that will give the coach a five-year deal through 2014-15. Full Story...
Apr 22, 2010
Earth Day 2010: OHIO springs into celebration
OHIO?s celebration of planet continues throughout the month of April, designated ?Earth Month? at Ohio University. Themed ?Roots of Sustainability,? the month?s worth of programming focuses on sustainable food systems and features more than 40 events highlighting connections between people, food and planet. Full Story...
Apr 21, 2010
Speaking Bobcats talk away the competition
For the first time in 30 years, the Speaking Bobcats of Ohio, Ohio University?s Forensics Speech and Debate Team, placed in the top five at the 40th Annual National Forensics Association National Tournament held at Ohio University April 15-19. Full Story...
Large OHIO contingent expected at first USO Sustainability Conference
Ohio University expects to have one of the largest representations among institutions participating in the inaugural University System of Ohio (USO) Sustainability Conference, April 27, in Columbus. As of Wednesday morning, 48 OHIO students, staff and faculty members were registered to attend the conference, which focuses on efficiency, green workforce development, and green research and development. Full Story...
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