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African SoccerscapesAfrican Soccer-scapes
With excitement building toward the first African World Cup in June 2010, "African Soccerscapes: How a Continent Changed the World's Game" presents a lively history of the sport's development on the continent.
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  • But what I really want to do is direct! 5/9/2007

  • David Bower loves to break the rules. An assistant professor of teacher education, Bower's unconventional methods of writing, teaching and directing have made him a well-known figure around Athens.
  • Taking a custom ride on the wild side 4/25/2007

  • Anyone whose ridden a touring bicycle for any great distance knows all about the torturous pain it can cause, with those little seats and no back support. In 1988 Israel Urieli decided he'd had enough.
  • History keeps this physicist busy 4/18/2007

  • For David Drabold, Distinguished Professor of Physics, collecting ancient relics is more than a hobby -- it is a link to the past.
  • Family ties 4/11/2007

  • College of Arts and Sciences Dean Ben Ogles says there are a lot of similarities between raising seven children and providing leadership for the college's 19 departments and numerous institutes and programs. "It's true that even though they're each different, you love them all," he says of the various disciplines in his charge.
  • Michael Clark: The cowboy D.O. 4/5/2007

  • Michael Clark, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, is nothing but professional when it comes to his day job. But give him some land and a horse, and the picture you get will tell a different story.
  • Purpose-Privilege-Pride-Power 3/28/2007

  • Purpose-Privilege-Pride-Power. Most College of Education students know it's Dean Renee A. Middleton's favorite catchphrase. And if she's ever high-fived you while walking down the halls of McCracken, you know she exudes all four of those attributes.
  • Gliding to the gold 3/21/2007

  • 'Passion' guides Spanish professor to wins on the ice and in the classroom
  • Spin to win 3/14/2007

  • Angie Bukley is known around the Russ College of Engineering and Technology for her extensive engineering experience and her work as associate dean of research and graduate studies. Underneath that professional exterior, however, is a mountain biker with a competitive drive.
  • Brooke Hallowell: Mind over matter 3/7/2007

  • An office full of human brains and brain-inspired toys and knick-knacks is not your average collection, but then, Brooke Hallowell is not your average collector.
  • The essence of Guyana, celebrating creative personalities 2/28/2007

  • An Ohio University telecommunications professor and former chair of the African American Studies Department, Vibert Cambridge's passion for his native country of Guyana is evident in nearly all aspects of his life.
  • Get to know Najee Muhammad 2/21/2007

  • Known on campus as the creative force behind the university's annual Malcolm X commemoration, Najee Muhammad let 'Outlook' writer Jessica Cuffman look a little deeper.
  • Kent Smith takes time to relax 2/6/2007

  • When Vice President for Student Affairs Kent J. Smith Jr. arrived at Ohio University last summer, he knew his relaxation time would be precious. The busy schedule hasn't dampened Smith's high-flying goals, though.
  • No wolf could blow this house down 1/11/2007

  • From a mud house in Mali to a tent on Tick Ridge, the structures that Laura Schaeffer has called home have often been far from ordinary. Now, after nearly 10 years of living in a 9' x 13' cottage with her husband, Grant Gilcher, she's excited to call a 3,000-square-foot straw bale house her home.
  • Computer science student competes with Googles top 100 12/1/2006

  • Usually when you finish in 80th place, it?s not something to celebrate. But for Honors Tutorial/computer science student Hiep Dinh, it isn?t a bad place to be.
  • From soap dispensers to peacock plumage 10/18/2006

  • Barbara Baker and her husband Larry raise over 3,000 exotic and game birds, including seven breeds of peacock, on their immaculate 100-acre farm in Reedsville, Ohio.
  • Going beyond teaching and research: Bojinka Bishop 10/17/2006

  • Athens City Council member, Ohio University professor, researcher, volunteer and artist, Bojinka Bishop may easily be the busiest grandmother on campus.
  • Exploring a Southeast Asian culture, one pedal stroke at a time 10/10/2006

  • When Rick Kraince, special project manager for Ohio University?s Center for International Studies, was returning from a trip in Southeast Asia, he had three cubic meters of space to fill with his belongings. He decided to fill the space with a cycle rickshaw. Now he uses the vehicle to pedal his wife and children down the Hocking-Adena Bikeway.
  • Q&A with Ohio University's new executive chef 10/3/2006

  • Outlook writer Mary Reed sat down with Matt Rapposelli, Ohio University's executive chef. The owner of Big Chimney Bakery has fresh plans for university cuisine.
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