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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
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2003 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, undergraduate learning

GOAL: To promote curricular innovations, programs, and activities, that enhance the undergraduate educational experience

  • Using Technology for Student-Centered Instruction: $20,000
    To enable students in science courses to work together on computer-based activities that will help them acquire advanced problem-solving skills.
    Recipient: Martha Kline, Ohio University Lancaster Campus

  • Weaving History: Navajo Weavers Oral History Project: $18,000
    To gather oral histories -- from weavers on a Navajo reservation -- related to the Edwin L. and Ruth E. Kennedy Southwest Native American Collection.
    Recipients: Sally Delgado and Jennifer McLerran, Kennedy Museum of Art

  • Lonnie Welch
    Lonnie Welch
    Infusing Service Learning in the Engineering Curriculum: $16,000
    To incorporate service learning across the engineering curriculum.
    Recipients: Merle Graybill, Center for Community Service; Karin Sandell, Center for Teaching Excellence; and Lonnie Welch, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Interactive Learning in Physical Anthropology: $15,000
    To purchase skeletal materials that are essential to the teaching of a number of courses in anthropology.
    Recipients: Tibor Koertvelyessy and Nancy Tatarek, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

  • Performing History: The Notable Association between Nikolais/Louis and Ohio University: $15,000
    To support the research and staging of two important works from modern dance history: Alwin Nikolais' Tensile Involvement and Murray Louis' Bach Suite.
    Recipient: Maura Keefe, School of Dance

  • Building Partnerships with K-12 Teachers to Establish Infrastructure for Enhancing Undergraduate Teaching and Learning: $14,374
    To build partnerships that will permit the creation of the sustainable infrastructure necessary for the development of the FoodMASTER initiative, which uses food science as a tool to improve the quality of math and science education.
    Recipients: Melani Duffrin, Eugene Geist, Annette Graham, Diana Manchester, School of Human and Consumer Sciences

  • Green Chemistry in the Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory: $14,084
    To create an active learning environment by encouraging students to recognize the connections between organic chemistry and ongoing environmental issues.
    Recipient: Klaus Himmeldirk, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Personal Response System for Use in Physical Science Courses at Ohio University: $11,023
    To foster student engagement and critical thinking by equipping students with transmitters that allow them to supply feedback to professors during large lecture courses.
    Recipients: Markus Boettcher, Ken Hicks, David Ingram, Mark Lucas, and Louis Wright, Department of Physics and Astronomy

  • Voinovich Center Undergraduate Research Scholars Summer Program: $10,000
    To develop a pilot program through which five Voinovich Center Scholars will participate in a summer research program.
    Recipient: Terry Murphy, Voinovich Center for Leadership and Public Affairs

  • Web Modules for Undergraduate Social Work Students: $9,451
    To create web-based, interactive modules that will enhance students' creativity, critical thinking, research ability, and writing.
    Recipients: Sylvia Hawranick, Varsha Pandya, and Debora Schneller, Department of Social Work; and Ann Kovalchick, Center for Innovations in Technology for Learning

  • Enhancement and Expansion of Honors Tutorial College Program in Film: $9,375
    To provide workshop, internship, practicum, and teaching or research assistant experiences for Honors Tutorial College film students.
    Recipient: David Thomas, School of Film

  • Susan Sarnoff
    Susan Sarnoff
    How Do We Know Our Students Learn: An Assessment Model for Active Learning Classroom Teaching: $8,148
    To develop a method for assessing the efficacy of pedagogical approaches that rely on active learning strategies.
    Recipients: Sherrie Gradin, Center for Writing Excellence; Karin Sandell, Center for Teaching Excellence; Susan Sarnoff, Department of Social Work; and Lonnie Welch, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Freshman Engagement Program: $4,300
    To link small groups of first-year students with peer mentors as part of an introductory course required for business majors.
    Recipient: Michael Bila, College of Business

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