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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
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2003 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, faculty research and graduate studies

GOAL: To promote research and scholarly activities and innovations in graduate education

  • Xiaozhuo Chen
    Xiaozhuo Chen 
    A Collaborative Multi-staged Interdisciplinary Initiative Relative to the Growth and Identification of Medicinal Properties of Locally Grown Chinese Herbs: $50,000
    To determine the feasibility of growing traditional Chinese herbs in Appalachian Ohio, to quantify the pharmacological benefits of the herbs, and to develop a clinical testing program.
    Recipients: Philip Cantino, James Cavender, Brian McCarthy, and Arthur Trese, Department of Environmental and Plant Biology; Xiaozhuo Chen, Department of Biomedical Sciences and the Edison Biotechnology Institute; and Edward Gotfried, Department of Specialty Medicine

  • Acquisition of a Nanosecond Pulsed Laser for Faculty Research and Graduate Studies in the Chemical Sciences: $35,000
    To purchase a nanosecond pulsed laser to be used in conjunction with nanosecond transient absorption spectrometer.
    Recipients: Jeffery Rack and P. Greg Van Patten, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Development of Advanced Materials Characterization Facilities in the Center for Advanced Materials Processing: $30,000
    To purchase, upgrade, and install equipment for an advanced materials characterization lab that will support the research of several investigators in the Chemical and Industrial Engineering and Physics.
    Recipients: Khairul Alam and Frank Kraft, Department of Mechanical Engineering; John Deno, Department of Industrial Technology; and David Ingram, Department of Physics

  • Bruce McCord
    Bruce McCord
    Enhancement of Campus-wide Facility for Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy: $30,000
    To purchase an inverted light microscope that will expand the utility of the confocal microscope and significantly enhance funding and training opportunities.
    Recipients: Robert Colvin, Scott Hooper, Ellengene Peterson, and Soichi Tanda, Department of Biological Sciences; Douglas Goetz, Department of Chemical Engineering; Bruce McCord, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; and Allan Showalter, Department of Environmental and Plant Biology

  • Behemoth: A Model for Feature Film Production at Ohio University: $27,900
    To produce a feature-length film under the direction of faculty and industry professionals.
    Recipient: Jennifer Granville, School of Film

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Materials Interface Exchange Program: $25,000
    To enhance the graduate education of students at Ohio University and the University of Leipzig through an interdisciplinary and international exchange program.
    Recipient: Jennifer Hines, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Electrolysis of Ammonia for Hydrogen Production: $24,100
    To research the feasibility of using ammonia electrolysis as a source of hydrogen for fuel cells.
    Recipient: Gerardine Botte, Department of Chemical Engineering

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